Mar 12, 2011

House Pics: Before

All righty! Here are the much anticipated inside pics of our new house. We've been living in the house for a week now and we LOVE IT. It's the perfect size for our little family and we finally feel at home here in TN. We have so much more room than we did in that podunk apartment we were living in, and our mortgage is cheaper than our rent! Crazy sauce.

These pics were taken when on the day we signed the papers and got the keys:

View from the front door into the living room

Love the high ceilings!

Breakfast nook / dining area / pantry

Kitchen view #1

Kitchen view #2

Bedroom #1 which is kind of our multi-purpose room now

Bedroom #2 which is Janae's room

Opposite view of living room

Master bedroom, which is no longer green

Master bath, with walk-in closet

Master shower with jetted tub, and the commode is to the right in a seaparate room

And there you have it peeps! Obviously, our stuff is in the house now, and we're slowly putting things together. I'll post pics of the painted MB tomorrow, when there is some good light. It's the perfect color! Our next project is the kitchen, which needs some love. The stove and refridgerator were included with the house, and I love both. The stove is one of those flat tops and it's so nice not to have to deal with burners.

We love our house!

I just got done typing all that out and I thought maybe you'd want to see the front of the house. Yes?



jennpaxton said...

That's a wonderful looking house!!! And a beautiful looking family!!

Caitlin said...

Hey thanks!

Regina said...

What a cute house! And I am so jealous of all those cupboards in the kitchen! We have none. :( Can't wait to see the updates!

Ryan and Maranda said...

Oh my gosh, I love your house so much!! It's Gorgeous!! We used to have a glass cook top too and loved it. It was soo nice to not have to clean up burners and drip pans and everything. One good thing to get for that is a special cleaner for glass cook tops in case something does boil over. It cleans it off really easily. Anyway, your house looks amazing and I'm so glad you are settling and happy. Congratulations again! And I can't wait to see it all finished and put together.

Steve and Alyssa said...

It's beautiful!! Congratulations! :)

Jalei & Lane said...

Oh it's so perfect! I have house envy.

Lindsay Blain said...

Yay!! I cannot WAIT to see it!!! Gorgeous!!

RaeLynn said...

OH my goodness, it is awesome! I love it. I can't believe your mortgage is cheaper than the rent here. That is SO NOT RIGHT!

David said...

Love the house and the high ceilings. Congrats you guys.

Marci said...

Lovely house!

Veronica Peterson said...

Congrats to your new home. It's lovely:)

chocolate+wine said...

what a lovely home, I wish our houses in the U.K were as big as all yours :) we have 5 in a house smaller than yours lol! Have fun settling in!