Mar 3, 2011

Getting Dissed at Wal-Mart

I set a goal when I had Janae that I was going to be a "cute" mom. I swore to myself that I would make an effort to wear real clothes (as opposed to comfy pants and big t-shirts), and do my hair and make-up as often as I could. It's so easy as a stay-at-home mom to just wear sweats all the time. Well, it's easy for me at least.

While in Utah, I did well on my goal and was always "dressed" when I went out in public. Here in TN, not so much. I know I'm not going to run into anyone I know, and I haven't had the desire/energy/heart to make an effort for those I don't know (which, at this point, is everyone). This week has been especially bad, since we've been painting and cleaning in order to move into our new house this weekend. I haven't done my hair or make-up all week, and have worn the same outfit every day. I just didn't see the point in getting all dolled up to just get dirty.

Today our story takes place in Wal-Mart, specifically in the chip aisle. There I am, in all my paint-smattered/dirty/bushy-hair/scary-face glory, trying to decide what kind of chips I'm in the mood for and I just happen to look up at the lady that is walking by. I move my cart and smile at her, because I'm in the south now and that's what people do here. What do I get in return? A strange woman who gives me a once over, followed by the ugliest smirk I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure I just got dissed by this youngish, well dressed, single (I'm guessing), kid-less lady because I dared to go out in public looking like a homeless bum. I imagine she thought something along the lines of: "well, aren't you the poster woman for the overweight, stay at home mom" or "you've really let yourself go" or "you disgrace all women everywhere" (okay, that last one is a bit of an exaggeration).  

Maybe I have let myself go. Maybe I've gone too far into not caring about my appearance, and I know that's something that I need to be better at. But why should it matter to this lady? And who does she think she is, going around making people feel bad? I so wish in instances like this, that I was the kind of person that could come back with a witty comment to put her in her place. Alas, I am not that person and all I did was smile like a maniac and swear at her in my head.

I am not perfect.

Your favorite bag lady in TN,



Regina said...

Okay, Sunday is pretty much the only day I put on make up, or do my hair. But I always look dang good on Sunday if I do say so myself! Honestly, I am lucky if I get a shower every OTHER day, let alone dry and fix my hair.

It's all about seasons. This is not our season in life to look put together all the time. We are elbow deep in poop, spit up, bath water, dishes, laundry, messes, cooking, etc. And you shouldn't feel bad about it! You will have a season where you always look good and your house is always clean, but I hate to tell you....babyhood and toddlerhood aint it!! ESPECIALLY when you are fixing up your house. I am always running to walmart or the hardware store with paint in my hair and in sawdust covered clothes!

Monty and Kristin said...

You make me laugh! I payed my rent today in sweats, no makeup and slippers. Oh, and I left my kids in the car because Makai was wearing pj's that didn't match and Trey was wearing pj pants with a polo! Slightly ghetto I know, but whatever! Anyway, I hear ya and congrats on your new house! I can't wait to see pictures!

Jalei & Lane said...

Oh whatever! I never get dressed unless I have to leave the house & sometimes I'll just throw work out clothes to give people the illusion that I do something. There is absolutely no point in spending all that time if you're not going anywhere. And if that lady took all that effort to make sure you felt like crap I totally would have said something to her. What a "bleep".

Caitlin said...

Regina - Thank goodness for church. If not for that I probably wouldn't ever have an excuse to really get dolled up!

Kristin - Haha! What a treat for your landlord! And I've decided it's totally okay if kids don't match. What am I supposed to do when the extra outfit I brought doesn't match the one she spit up on?

Jalei - I'm totally going to use that workout clothes trick! That's brilliant!

Lindsay Blain said...

Holy Cow Caitlin!!! HILARIOUS!!! That is SOO funny!! You crack me up. I have done this's okay..she's just jealous girl! I'm sure she wished she was more secure in herself to be able to be comfortable in her own skin as opposed to feeling the need to diss other sho!!

Alesha said...

Oh the pressures we put on ourselves! :) And there not being the option of running into someone you know makes it WAY TO EASY to just roll out and go. Anytime I do that I pray I dont run into anyone! haha