Feb 27, 2011

5 Months

Janae turned five months yesterday, and she is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen!

A few things about her at this stage:

1. She is up to 4 - 8oz bottles a day. She loves to eat!

2. She is on a pretty good sleep schedule. She wakes up at 7:30, and I feed her then. She goes down for her first nap at 9 and sleeps until 11:30. Feed her again, and she's up 'til about 1, then sleeps til 3:30. Feed her again, and she is mostly up until bed time at 8. She can't quite make it the full three hours though, and still needs about an hour nap in between 3:30 and 8. I've been trying to get all errands done in her awake times so that she's sleeping in her crib, b/c she takes much better naps there. She will fall asleep in her car seat, but she wakes up sooner than she normally would.

3. She seems to love having a bed time routine. We do bath at 7:30, feed her a bottle and then put her to bed at 8. Tonight I'm going to start reading her a book before I put her in bed, just for the heck of it.

4. She can only do an activity once a day. It's slightly frustrating. Play mat, one time. Swing, once a day. Her bouncy chair, once a day. The one thing she will never tire of is sitting on my lap and playing with me. We were going to go get her a bumpo chair this week, and I think I might splurge and get her one of those exer-saucer things. I'm in desperate need of some more activities!

5. I can feel and see her teeth under her gums, but they haven't popped through yet. Bummer.

6. We tried feeding her rice cereal yesterday. Major fail. She kept trying to suck the spoon like it was a bottle, and then would get mad when she couldn't get anything out of it. We couldn't even get her to swallow, so that she could figure out she was actually getting food! I went with the directions that were on the box for the first time feeding, but maybe next time I'll make it a bit thicker. I think we'll wait a while and then try her on it again. She doesn't appear to be at all interested in what we're eating, so I don't think it's computing in her head. But she is recognizing her bottles now, which sometimes isn't such a good thing. She tends to scream when she sees it and it's not in her mouth. Ga, the antics of a strong willed child! Hopefully she gets all of her stubborness out now and it doesn't get worse when she's a toddler.


Ryan and Maranda said...

I love when you talk about Janae's development because she is so close to Lucy. I could pretty much check off all those same things you said :) And I LOVE pictures of her! If you wanted to post more pictures I wouldn't mind ;) She's so adorable.

Meggan said...

Don't buy a bumpo seat! You're future neighbor has one that is currently not being used. They only use them for a few months anyway. Let me know if you'd like to save some money and just borrow it! megganboston@gmail.com

Meggan said...

would now be a good time to tell you I'm blog stalking your site? Well, um...I am.

Jalei & Lane said...

Cutie! Ya it takes a while for them to get used to the whole spoon thing. Did I already tell you to try oatmeal? E liked that a lot better than rice cereal.

Regina said...

Arden didn't eat until after 6 months. I didn't even worry about it and now she is a champ. I don't even use a bib on her!
Her schedule sounds great! If she is waking up at 3:30, you could totally put her to bed at 7!! She will still sleep all night. Promise. :)

She is such a precious punkin! You need to post more pics of her!

Lindsay Blain said...

SOOOO cute!! We can't wait to see y'all again!! She is so sweet & SOO much fun!! What a cute girl! Yay for napping routines!! haha.