Mar 12, 2011

A Saturday Night at the Peterson Casa

consists of extreme cuteness:

some dang good bbq from the man of the house:

and a double feature of Angels & Demons and Bringing Down The House, accompanied by the oh so sweet sounds of my baby girl. She's loud, which makes watching movies with her increasingly difficult. Thank goodness she has a 7 o'clock bed time and the rest of the night is ours. Ahh, bliss!


Lindsay Blain said...

What a fun night!! That sounds fun & in your NEW house!! Yay!!! We are definitely hanging out this week! Fo sho!!

Marci said...

Glad to see you guys are doing well! Missed seeing you guys when we were in Utah. We might just have to make a special trip to TN!

Monty and Kristin said...

Hey it's Kristin. I don't want to retype this and was signed in under Monty's email. I'd hang at your house any weekend! J is getting so big and is so cute!! She looks just like Jared--of course prettier! Thanks for posting the pictures. I LOVE you new house. It must feel so nice to have some space. Great buy. If someone would have told you 6 months ago that you'd be living in TN and own a house I bet you would have laughed! Funny the turns our lives take. Thanks for the blog post! You are awesome.