Dec 19, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

We did an extreme last minute Christmas card this year, and aren't mailing out very many. But we wanted everyone to enjoy it! Even though you see pics of us all the time, it's different on a Christmas card. Right?

We are leaving for Dallas this week, and I have TONS to do to get ready. So I'll be taking a little Christmas vacation from the blog, and will return after the holiday.

Hope everyone has a great and wonderful Christmas this year! We love you all!


vandfam said...

Merry Christmas! Here in Texas we are hoping you and your family have a wonderful New Year!!

Regina said...

Adorable! Merry Christmas!!

Ryan and Maranda said...

So cute! Have fun in Dallas! I hope it doesn't snow there. :)

Michelle said...

Love it!!! Merry Christmas to you and the fambam!!