Dec 13, 2010

Hodge Podge

This is going to be several posts in one. I intended to divide it all out, but then I got lazy. ;-)

Janae's Blessing Day

Besides the horrible blizzard that happened that day, this day was absolutely perfect! My family (minus my mom, cause my dad was here) came over before church in the morning and hung out for a bit. Jared and I were slightly stressed, not ever having done this before so I don't think we were that great of company. We left our house 45 minutes early to drive 50ft down the road to our church building. But hey.. it's the memories, right? All of our families, plus our adopted family, the Hayden's, were able to be there. It was such an incredible moment. I, of course, absolutely lost it during the blessing. Jared became choked up and as a result, the blessing was a little short. It was beautiful, but short. We were just both so incredibly grateful that she was there and that we can do this kind of thing. There is nothing like almost losing your child to make you appreciate every single moment that much more. Afterwards we headed over to Hotel Rich (my SIL's house) for a big lunch. We took a few pictures:

(Morning of!)

Thanksgiving 2010

My in-laws were able to come into town for the holiday, so we had dinner with them on the actual Thanksgiving day. Oh my gosh.. so much food! It was so good. Jared's family does their turkey on the grill. Great idea, huh? I hope Jared got the tips and tricks, because if we ever have our own dinner then he's in charge of the bird. It was soooo tasty. Everything was good and the company even better. We started off the dinner singing a hymn (Because I Have Been Given Much), and then Jared's dad gave a really beautiful blessing on the food. When he got to the part about being so grateful that Janae was with us, guess what I did? Yep! I lost it. I've turned into such a cry baby. Ack, oh well. Even though Janae didn't do anything, it made the holiday so much sweeter with her there. Holidays seem to be so much more fun with kids! Again, we took a few pictures:

Grandma with her grandgirls. The whole family can't wait until March when Baby Boy Rich will join our ranks!

What a life.

Some of the spread.

I love this picture. I will also have you know that I took this all by myself. It's not perfect, but usually the pics I take turn out like crap. I just think it's a great pic of the both of them, yeah?

Audrey's Homecoming

My sister has spent the last 18mo in Brazil serving an LDS mission. She came home on Dec 3, and it was... weird, I guess, to see her. I guess that I had gotten so caught up with Janae and being a new mom that I pushed it to the back of my head and then all of the sudden there she was. Bad English and all. ;-) It sounds like she had a great time, she's older and wiser and is missing Brazil like crazy. The day after she came home we had a Hayes Thanksgiving dinner, and stuffed our faces again. Why does food taste so much better on Thanksgiving? Here's a few pictures from the airport:

"What's that word in English?"

I had to feed The Beast. Awesome timing.

Not really sure what's up with my face. I really was happy to see her, even if it didn't look it.

That's all folks!!


Liz Cox said...

Oh my heck, I haven't read your blog in months because I didn't even know you had your baby! She is beautiful! I'm so glad that she is growing well and doing better. Motherhood is the best.

katie+brandon said...

lots of fun things! Love it!

Amy said...

Look at her in her blessing gown! I love my boys, but how fun it would be to dress a little girl... Glad she is doing so well!

Jalei & Lane said...

Glad the blessing went well. I know that's a stressful & wonderful day all in one! Wow, I can't believe your sister served a mission. She looks so different from what I remember. Grown up I guess!

Michelle said...

You guys have been busy, that's for sure! Looks like life is getting back to normal a bit. YAY!! SO happy for you guys!! xoxo Wish we lived closer!