Jan 4, 2011


I am tired of looking at my Christmas card, so I'm throwing this up really quick. I want to blog about Christmas, but silly me... I have no pictures. We used one camera and burned the pics onto discs for everyone and I, of course, forgot mine in TX. I may or may not be making a pit stop at my SIL's house to burn them from her.


There are two things major things that I want to have happen in 2011: me to lose weight and to pay off our credit cards. I want to lose the weight by June, and our goal is to pay off our credit cards by the end of the year. This is my second day of doing Insanity:

and it is seriously kicking. my. trash. I have never been to boot camp, but these workouts are a lot like what I imagine boot camp to be. I get out of breath and have to take breaks during the warm-up. It's intense, but I LOVE it. I feel so good at the end of the workout. And bonus, the workouts are only 30 minutes! I loved P90X but the workouts took up so much time. So I'm done working out after 30 minutes and then I can move on with the rest of my day. Anyway, I took a before and after picture, but am only going to post the before pic when I actually have an after pic.

So, wish me luck! And if you so happen to think of me in the mornings (not in a creepy way), send me silent prayers as I'll probably be huffin' it out in my living room. 2011 is my year!


Jalei & Lane said...

Ya I hated that P90X was so long! I bought Hip Hop Abs by the same guy who does The Insanity Workout. Just did my 1st one yesterday. Good luck!

katie+brandon said...

those are seriously crazy. Keep it up though-- you will get some CRAZY results and I can't wait to see!!

Regina said...

We are trying to pay off our credit cards by the end of the year too!! I am actually really excited about it! Good luck with the working out!

Michelle said...

I hear that is a crazy workout for sure. Good luck girl!!

Amy said...

I'm thinking of trying that one. My husband and I are on a serious weight loss kick, but I need short workouts!