Mar 9, 2010

Worn Out in Utah

I've had to get up at 6AM for the past two days and I am plum tuckered out! I started my new job yesterday, and it's 8-5. That's a long day! I'd forgotten what 6am looked like. Job is going great though! I work as the front desk receptionist in the corproate office of Challenger School, a private school with locations in UT, CA, ID and NV. I love working at a real job. I have to wear real business clothes and look nice everyday. Everyone is professional, nice and I don't have to share a bathroom with men. I think that's my favorite part, actually.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and hoping that once I have the first week under my belt, it'll get better.

Jared has been working nights the last two weeks and that's been... difficult. Last week wasn't so bad since I could see him in the mornings, but this week he gets up early in the morning and I'm up and out the door before he is even thinking about getting up. Then he's gone by the time I get home... I miss him. I think it's tougher for me when he's "gone" but still in the state, as opposed to when he actually goes out of town somewhere. Oh well, it's only for this week and then things will go back to normal next week.

I went over to my sister-in-law's house last week to get trained on couponing. I've got all the information, and am going to go on my first grocery store run this weekend. Wish me luck!

My sister's (who is serving an LDS mission in Brazil) birthday is tomorrow and she's turning 22. Yay for her! Jared's sister's birthday is also tomorrow (crazy, huh) and she's turning... 24. I think. Sorry Jessie if I got that wrong.... And sorry for not sending anything yet. I am the worst at remembering birthdays! Terrible, terrible me.

Uhh.. what else? I'm lovin' my book blog. I'm actually going to change the name, but I'm saving up to have someone do a blog design before I do. I'm really excited! I don't feel like All Things Print is an accurate represenation of what I read, so I'm going to do something a bit more romancey. Hopefully it'll go over well.

I think that's it! I just wanted to throw something up here, so you all know what's been going on. Mostly I'm old, overweight and tired. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but I am tired and overweight. Another thing I'm going to start again next week. *sighs*

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

P.S. I just want you all to know that I've been reading your blogs. I've become the worst commentor, but I have been keeping up to date on everything. Not that you were probably worried about it, but I just wanted you to know!


K+B said...

oh, How I miss you. Congrats on the job- it'll get better, keep smiling. :) Let's get together soon...

Regina said...

Glad your back!! And congrats on the new job!

The JAMC Johnsons said...

My husband and I used to do the opposite schedule thing to care for our kids. We did it for 3 years, him working nights and me early mornings. It was so hard! Congrats on the new job!

Michelle said...

Glad you are loving your neew job and sorry you don't get to see the hubby as much as you want. I kind of know that feeling. I hear ya on the blog thing. Seems I have been too busy too and haven't been the best commenter. :(

Who are you gonna have do your blog?

Veronica Peterson said...

Congrats on your new job!!! Same here sometimes I'm not a good commenter but I love keeping posted with blogs.

Monty and Kristin said...

Congrats on your new job. Sounds nice. There is something about having to dress nice that makes you feel good about yourself.
Let me know how couponing goes. Interested, but not sure I have the time. OH...and I'm way worse about birthdays. It's my own kids birthday on Monday and I haven't even gotten him a thing.

The Rich's said...

yeah for couponing!!! i promise it will be worth it, i will help you!!! give yourself a month!