Feb 13, 2010

Bad News, Spirit Stick, Snowmobiling & Anniversary

Wow! It's been awhile since I've last updated. This post is going to be a big one, just to forewarn you. I guess that's what I get for letting things add up.

Bad News

My full time job recently became not such a full time job. I work for a real estate appraisal company, and they aren't doing so hot, so my boss cut my hours down to part time. I knew it was coming, but it still sucks nonetheless. We've got a few different plans in the works, so hopefully the bad news will turn into good news soon!

Spirit Stick

The Peterson family has decided to do "Peterson Biggest Loser" this year. We all want to lose weight, and we thought that if we do it together as a family, it might be easier to actually do it. My sister-in-law Jessie went the extra mile and made a spirit stick for the event. We switch off every month, and it goes to the person who has either lost the most weight, or needs the most encouragement. I'm not sure which category I fell into (probably the latter), but I received the spirit stick in the mail at the beginning of Feb. Yay for me! Here's a pic:

I keep it on the counter, and every time I look at it I get motivated. This past week has been the best week both eating and exercising wise that I've had this year. It really does help! Now that I've got a bunch of time in the mornings, I've fallen into a rigorous work out schedule using p90x and running. Hopefully I'll see some results soon. Trust me.. I'm feeling the "rigorous" part today. I've got the I'm-so-sore-I-can-hardly-walk routine down pat!


My dad came into town this past weekend and took us all snowmobiling. It was so fun! Remember my snowboarding experience last winter? I didn't have a great time. Rolling down the mountain just didn't seem fun to me. I love snowmobiling. It's not as cold, you don't have to be good at it to do it, and it was fun to go super fast on the straight parts of the trail. Here's a few pics:

 Uhh.. that's me on the right, in the bright red jacket. Just in case you couldn't tell past the helmet and snow gear. That's Jared on the left, he's such a stud!
Jared went a few feet off the trail and promptly got stuck. That's Jared and Zach trying to figure out how to get it out.
And that snowmobiel wayyyy out there is where my Dad got stuck. I think he found the "crick" the guy at the lodge kept telling us to avoid. While the guys were getting the snowmobiles unstuck, I did a video about it all and compared it to what happens when you let go of the Iron Rod. When you decide to wander from the designated trail (the rod), you get stuck in the snow (or the great and spacious building) and it takes hard physical exertion (hard work and repentence) to find your way back again. I amaze myself! That's future talk material right there. And wasn't I being so helpful to do that while the guys were getting the snowmobiles unstuck? Yep, that's me. Mrs. Helpful.
The gang with my dad. The other girl in the red jacket is Aubrey, my brother Ethan's girlfriend. I refuse to let them get married, as having an Audrey and an Aubrey is just way too much. 
And that's my oh so wonderful hubby, posing for the camera. He's such a goofball!


This past week we celebrated our three year anniversary!! It was on Feb 10, and we didn't really do anything special. Ordered pizza and watched a couple of movies. Due to the above mentioned bad news, we've been tightening things up around here. And you know what? It's okay that we didn't do anything uber glamorous. We've got an anniversary every year, and I want to save the good ones for when we have the money to spend. But still.. three years! I can't believe it. I was thinking back to all the things we've done since we were married:

-A military deployment
-Moved several times
-Jared graduating
-Jared getting a great job

Okay.. so it's more what Jared has been doing because all I've been doing is pretty much supporting. And reading, and blogging. But we did it together and that's what counts. So let's take a trip down memory lane that fateful day three years ago when Jared and I were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos (I'm pretty sure I just spelled that wrong) Temple in American Fork, UT:


Minus the crappy orange lighting, that last one is one of my fave's. We had them do it in black and white for the album, but this is the only disc we've got. So, there you go. That was such an exhausting day. Worth it, but exhausting. Three years down, eternity to go. Love you babe!!!!


Caitlin said...

This is Jared. The goofball, get stuck in the snow, husband. My wife is spoiled and doesnt know it. That is all!

Michelle said...

Ahh, sorry to hear about your job. Things sure are hard these days for so many. Congrats on 3 years of marriage and here's to many more! Love the wedding pics since we weren't there to see them in person. Love you guys! And good luck with the BL goals...love the spirit stick!!

Sarah and Alex said...

I really like the analogy of the iron rod! It's so perfect! :) And those pictures sure are fun!

Jalei & Lane said...

Snowmobiling looks like so much fun! And you got a good talk for YW out of it too:) Happy anniversary!

Monty and Kristin said...

I just have to comment on the Audrey/Aubrey problem. I have a friend who when she got married became Jennifer #4. Three of her sister in laws were named Jennifer too.
Congrats on the Anniversary.
Snowmobiling looks fun, but a little cold! Yikes.