Mar 27, 2010

What I Love

I love Saturdays. I don't have to be to work, I don't have any church meetings.. Saturday is my favorite day of the week. If only the weather wasn't so crappy, it'd make my day even better!

Spring in Utah is a crazy experience. One day it's sunny and warm, the next it's snowing. Yesterday, that all happened in one day! It seemed like every time I looked out the window the weather was doing something different. Can't wait until Spring is actually Spring and it starts warming up... I'm ready to ditch my jackets and get rid of my pasty white skin.

Right now I'm sitting in my pj's, catching up on blog reading and enjoying every minute of my lazy morning. It's been awhile that I haven't had anywhere to go or do anything at the crack of dawn, and it's been nice to have a bit of alone time with the computer.

I am... content. Happy. I love Saturdays! ;-)

You know what else I love? This little girl:

This is not a very recent picture, I don't think, but it'll do. This is my niece, who belongs to these awesome people. There is nothing that makes me happier when I walk in the door of her house and I hear a sweet little  "Cait!" coming from upstairs. She then comes downstairs and I get a sweet little hug and I get to hear all about Dora and Boots. Then she looks outside and starts yelling "Ta-HOE!", because I think she likes our car more than us. ;-) I will always remember her opening presents at her 2yr birthday party and saying "I WUV it!" to everything.

I sure do love this little girl!

Hmm... what else do I love?

There we go! I sure do love this man. While I'm having my lazy morning on the computer, he is cleaning the house like crazy. I'm sure that when I walk out, the house will be spick and span and he'll give me a kiss and say something to the effect of "who love you?!" and I'll say "you do!" and try to kiss him and he'll push me away cause I smell. But he really does love me. ;-) Even though I laugh at him (on accident!) while he's golfing, which he'll never ever forgive me for. *sighs* My life is just so hard sometimes. ;-)

Well, I better get off my butt and do something productive today. We're venturing into the wild lands of Utah County today to go to a baptism, and I need a shower at some point. I really do smell. And with that lovely thought, ta ta for now!


K+B said...

Hey, I was just down in utah county. Hope you enjoy it, it's a wild place that county.
Hey, I love you man. You make me happy. Thanks for putting up with me.
Enjoy your saturday... and I hope you enjoyed your lazy morning!!

Monty and Kristin said...

I love Saturday too, but my favorite is Friday night because I have Saturday to look forward to. Tell Jared he is welcome here any Saturday Morning if he'd like to clean more!! Awesome. You've got a great man. Of couse he;s got a great girl. Glad you're in the family.