Apr 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

We did absolutely NOTHING but sit on our butt's and watch TV this weekend. We were both sick, so we didn't get much done.

We spent the majority of the weekend getting caught up on this show:

Love it! We have some friends that lent us the last two seasons on DVD, so we were able to get caught up.

We also watched this movie this weekend:

Totally awesome!! If you haven't seen it yet, you need to watch it. Sandra Bullock does an amazing job and the message of the movie is inspiring and wonderful. I really recommend, and this movie is definitely a buyer!

We did manage to get ourselves together enough to have Easter dinner over at our house with my family. Mom did most of the food, she just brought it over and I finished it. It was quite delicious! Nothing better than Dr. Pepper glazed ham and mashed taters. Oh, and rolls. And carrot cake cupcakes with cheesecake frosting. Pretty much the whole meal was delicious!

So, that was our weekend. Completely relaxing and spent with just the two of us bein' lazy. Love it!


K+B said...

well, you're not totally caught up yet-- when you're feeling up to it, come over and we'll get you started on the current season!! :D
glad you like it. We still need to buy the blindside... so good!

Jalei & Lane said...

We also love How I Met Your Mother. It's so funny & ridiculous.

marion family said...

I wish we could just sit down for a weekend, without being sick :). Hope you both feel better soon!

Michelle said...

That is one of our fav shows!! We stayed home and were lazy too...it was great!! :)

Monty and Kristin said...

We were majorly lazy this easter too! I didn't even do eggs or anything for my kids! So bad! I will repent next year...maybe. Glad you enjoyed that show and Movie. We LOVED that movie. Right now we are into 24! It's like a drug and we're addicted!
Maybe when we are done I'll try that one! Thanks.