Jul 7, 2009

What's in a Name?

It's that time again... I need some help. I've been inspired by PW, who is my all-time blogging/writer idol, to make a bigger and better blog.

I looked into starting my own website and holy cow! It's expensive. At least too expensive at this point in my life. So I'm thinking about leaving blogger and moving over to Wordpress. I created a dummy blog and have been dinking around with it, trying to figure out how to use it. The feature that I love best about Wordpress is that you can have separate pages within your blog. Amazing! I've been trying to figure out how to do that on blogger for ages. Literally. So I could have a separate page for the family life, a separate page for cooking/baking, and then I'd add a page for books (my other addiction), one for crafting/home decor and then one for health and fitness, maybe. Still thinking about that one. So I'd have one log-in with one blog, but all my hobbies would have their own home. Sounds so organized, right?

Here's my problem.. the name. I've been brainstorming for about two weeks on a catchy name to call the blog and myself. You know something cool like Bakerella, or The Pioneer Woman, Tip Junkie, Thrifty Decor Chick.. or heck, Paula Deen! Martha Stewart! A name that I can call myself, not something like Tiny Kitchen, Big Dreams.. which sounds more like a business name. Am I making any sense at all?

Here are the names that I've thought of so far:

-Mrs. P's Passions
-Curious Cait
-The Savvy Texan
-Mrs. P & Co.
-Cait & Co.
-And I've also thought about something having to do with the word "homebody" but haven't gotten it into a concrete name other than "The Homebody" or "The Savvy Homebody"

I don't really love anything on that list. I like "The Savvy Texan", but I don't actually live in TX so that might be confusing. And "The Savvy Utahn" just doesn't sound as good. And I don't really like Utah, so I definitely don't want that in my title. So maybe Savvy Cait..? (I'm thinking on the spot here, can you tell?)

Here's your assignment (should you decide out of the goodness of your hearts to help a sistah out):

1. Let me know what you think about the current names I have listed. Love 'em? Hate em'?
2. Use your super creativity (which is probably more than my peanut sized creativity talent) and suggest what YOU would think would be a great name. And I know you all are creative, cause I read your blogs. So don't try to deny it.

I thought about offering to make a batch of their favorite cookies for whoever gives feedback. But I don't want to force that on anyone, so if you'd like them.. I'll make 'em for ya' (even if you're in another state! If I can ship them to Iraq and have them still fresh, I can ship them to you no prob). If you don't... no pressure. Just know that I'll be eternally grateful from the bottom of my heart forever.

If you can, leave a comment. If you don't want to do that... then e-mail me at cait.peterson@hotmail.com. I'd definitely love to hear from you!


Meagan said...

i have absolutely nothing creative to say other than I really like cookies....hint hint??? Just kidding! I do like something with the word "Savvy" in it. ooh how about savvyson??? like for your last name peterson but savvyson? no? ok i'll try again later!

The Rich's said...

i'm not going to lie...i am totally loving Mrs. P & Co..i lov ehow you sign all of your blog entries Mrs. P...so i think you should run with Mrs. P in the name...i like that a lot..and i'm giving my opinion just because i lov eyou, i won't ask for cookies this time.. *wink*

Regina said...

What about "All things Cait" or "All things Mrs. P". It is weird for me to call you Cait though, I will admit. I will keep thinking!

Sarah and Alex said...

Well, I think I like putting Texan in the name because it's pretty unique here. So, if you can keep that in the name somehow...