Jul 6, 2009

July 4th

We had a SUPER FANTASTIC weekend and.. surprise, surprise.. I have no pics to post. So here's the low down:

Friday - I was able to get the day off and Jared and I spent the day hanging out with his sisters and then we babysat our niece, Brooklyn, that night. I sure do love that little girl! She's so cute. We did a little shopping, went out to lunch and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic while Brooklyn took her nap. What a great day!

Saturday - We woke up pretty early, packed up the cooler and spent the day at the lake with a couple of our friends. It was overcast for part of the day, but then the sun came out and it was nice! The water was okay. It wasn't super warm or anything, but bearable. Our friends brought a couple of jet ski's and Jared had a grand ol' time riding around on those, as well as snorkeling. I'm more of a chill in the water type of lake goer myself, but it was fun to watch him! We both got BURNED. I put sunscreen on, but I think I was too late. Made the age ol' mistake of thinking that since it was overcast I would be okay. And Jared only put a little suncreen on and it was only SPF4 (what's the point?) and so he's hurtin'. We left around dinner time, went home and changed and then met up with the same friends for fireworks at a local park. The fireworks went on for like 30 minutes! It was the longest fireworks show I've ever been to in my life. Supposedly it was choreographed to some patriotic songs, but I never heard the music. The finale was great, company was awesome and it was just a great day. Patriotic holidays hold so much more meaning for me now after Jared's tour over in Iraq. I'm so proud to be an army wife and I'm so proud to be married to a man who loves his country and is willing to sacrifice his time and energy to make sure that we continue to enjoy our freedom.

Sunday - A very relaxing day, mostly because we every movement was painful. But we did drag ourselves off the couch and went over to Sunday dinner at mom's. Yummy! Then we played dominoes, which is our new fav game. Love it!

Now it's back to work and the daily grind. Yay.


Jalei & Lane said...

Do you watch Army Wives on Lifetime? I do & love it!

Goodman Family said...

You have had a busy weekend, but sounds like so much fun.
I also got fried just like you, so we should chill together on the couch together in pain.