Jul 9, 2009

New Name Ideas

So I've thought of a few more ideas since my last post...

-Just Lovely (or "Just... ")
-All Things Lovely (Enjoyable? Enchanting? Charming?)
-The Lovely Lady (I'm not sure what is is with the word "lovely" but I'm diggin' it)
-The Amusing Homebody (I think that one might be a little presumptious. Just because I think I'm amusing doesn't mean everyone else will!)
-The Happy Homebody


Sarah and Alex said...

I really like All things lovely or All things... something. :) It makes sense since your planning on blogging all the fun things in your life that you love!

Regina said...

There is a Happy Homebody already. I used to link to her blog. It's a craft/decorating blog. Bummer!