Jul 14, 2009

Another "I'm So Excited!!" Post

This past weekend we were able to go Zermatt Resort up in Midway for a marriage seminar that the Guard puts on. It was so much fun! We went up Friday night, had a night to explore the hotel and just hang out. We met our friends Sheldon and Trinity Loveless up there, and we had the best weekend hanging out with them. That's what I love about the military. You meet tons of people you wouldn't normally meet/associate with and because of the military, you are now instant friends. I love it!

Anyway, the great weekend included sitting through a few classes (which actually weren't that bad), the boys golfing, the girls driving around the range completely lost looking for the club house and drinks, a rousing game of monopoly, lots of laughter and funny moments and several trips to the hot tub. So fun!
It's us! Minus the bags under my eyes (always happens when I've stayed up too late), aren't we such a good lookin' couple?!?!
And here are the guys at the first hole. Discussing.. quantum physics. Graphite clubs vs. steel clubs. Or maybe after a morning of classes they decided to be the best husbands ever. Who the heck knows with these two.
All right, now that the update part of the show is over, I can move on to the random things that I'm excited about this evening:
1. I have the name of my new soon-to-be-rockin' blog. I am not going to leave blogger as I originally thought, as I like the design capabilities of blogger better than Wordpress. I'm working on the design and putting it together soon. It's going to be great! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your input and great ideas. Multiple creative minds are better than one.
2. Now pay attention folks, this one is big... starting this Saturday (I think), I will be selling an assortment of baked goods at a furniture consignment shop!!! A friend of mine works there and I asked her a few weeks ago if the owners of the store would be interested in the above mentioned plan. They thought it was a great idea, so this Saturday is my first day. Kinda like a trial run, to see how it goes. I already have a name picked out for my "bakery" (I'm not really sure you can call it that): Just So Sweet. I'm not planning on making a ton of money off of this. It will be more of an outlet for my hobby so that I'm not suffering from the side effects of being overweight. So if you are in the area and want to stop by on Saturday and see me, let me know! I'm going to have some really yummy treats there and you'll be helpin' me out, of course.
3. You all know my blogging idol, Pioneer Woman? Well, she's gon dun' it again. She created this crazy cool recipe collection website, Tasty Kitchen. It's kind of like Facebook, but for food lovers. Anyone can join the community and post recipes of their own. It's all recipes from women who just dink around in their kitchen at home, but create such amazing things. So go join and look me up! I think my username is cpeterson. Or maybe just Caitlin Peterson. One of the two.
4. I bought tickets for Jared and I to go see Harry Potter tomorrow night!!!!! WOO HOO!!!
All right, I'm all excited-out. There is so much going on and I am bursting to share it with someone! I think Jared gets tired of me saying "I'm so excited!!" over and over again. When he starts giving me "the look" I know it's time to move on. So in conclusion.. "I'M SO EXCITED!!"


Regina said...

Very cute pic of yall. I am reading the first Harry Potter now. I am a little behind.

Jared and Caitlin said...

That's okay.. it doesn't matter when you read them. I just hope you enjoy them!

AndersenFamily said...

I love that you get to go to those retreats and just enjoy time together. That is always the best!

Monty and Kristin said...

So Excited for you!! Those are all some pretty awesome things. I wish you the best of luck this weekend. I seriously wish we did live closer...you know I'd be there! Hope you enjoyed Harry Potter.
Oh...love the pictures.

The Rich's said...

i am so happy to see pictures of you two on here....you really are such a cute couple! Glad you had such a good weekend..and where exactly areyou selling your baked stuff?

Kinzie Sue said...

Man, I wished I lived near you so that I could sample all of your yummy makings! Best of luck, I know you'll so great. Cute pictures- you guys look so great!