Dec 23, 2008

Ethan's 18!!! / Pre-Christmas Fun

Ethan turned 18 on Saturday!! I can't believe it. My little brother isn't so little anymore! Well, he hasn't been little for a long time, I guess maybe younger would be the right word. He isn't so young anymore!
The wonderfully delicious cake with the candles that kept falling. Not sure we'll use those ones again.

The birthday boy! Can't believe he is the big 1-8!

About to blow out the candles, think he can handle only two?!

Yay! He did it. I knew he could. ;-)

We had our Hayes Family Christmas party on Sunday, so that we could open presents before Jared and I left for our Texas Christmas Extravaganza. I have to admit, it was fun opening presents early! We had a yummy meal (Of course! What is a party without good food?!) and sat around and opened our presents. Below are pictures of the merry event and my siblings, who are crazy, but cool. ;-)

Bountiful presents!
My oh-so-handsome hubby





Mike and Regina said...

So fun! And get ready because it is COLD down here!!

michelle p said...

We are known in this house for opening presents early...the adults anyways! :) Must run in the family! Can't wait to see Texas pictures...have a great time.