Dec 9, 2008


We don't have anything picture worthy going on, but I thought I'd put a quick post up about the Peterson Happenin's in the last week.

1. Jared is in the midst of finals weeks. Yuck. He's a big stress ball and I can't wait until next Tuesday when the semester is finally over! Mostly I'm trying to stay out of his way. I'm also baking a lot, hopefully having yummy treats will make him feel better. He had drill this past weekend, so we headed up to Brigham City (northern part of Utah, practically in the middle of nowhere) and stayed with some friends and had a great time visiting. Jared's battery had a family Christmas party which was really long with incredibly unnecessary "briefings". But it was fun to meet some of the other guys in Jared's unit and put faces to the names. It's a really small unit, so it seems like everyone is pretty close knit. 90% of the battery just got back from Iraq as well, so they also have that in common.

2. Like I said, I'm mostly trying to stay out of Jared's way this week. I'm working and doing all of the end of the year filing and such. Not very fun, but.. it pays the bills. There are so many people without a job right now that I'm trying to remind myself to be grateful for what I have. The snow and cold finally hit yesterday and as much as I hate snow and cold weather, it feels more normal than the 50 degree weather we've been having! Last winter was a beast, but this one is turning out to be quite nice. I'm sure I just shot myself in the foot by saying that. Oh well. I have my lovely and oh so comfy Tahoe to drive around in when the weather gets awful. Love it! I don't know how anyone drives around in the winter w/o a truck or SUV.

Anyway, that's about it for the Peterson Happenin's for the week. Thanks for reading!


Michelle said...

I second the "loving the Tahoe" comment. Love mine too and I don't even have snow! :)

Monty and Kristin said...

Hope finals go well!! I love your blog. It's a great way to get to know you! I hate snow too!! Wind is worse! AHHH!!

Mike and Regina said...

You better appreciate that snow! We have none here. I guess I would get sick of it eventually, but it would be nice every once in a while. We have an SUV and I dont know how I had a car for so long. I will never go back!

Marci said...

Good luck with finals!!!

I grew up in the snow so it was a big shock when I moved out here to California. Now I wouldn't trade the sun for the snow. Guess I'm a Cali girl now!