Oct 14, 2010


1. Yesterday was our first day to feed Janae from the bottle. I did it yesterday morning, and I had a great nurse that sat by me the whole time and told me what to do. Jared did it last night and we didn't have a nurse do that, and we both were incredibly clueless. Feeding a preemie is completely different than feeding a normal baby. It's a very slow process, and we have have to pay really strict attention to her to make sure she's breathing and swallowing all at the same time. Can you say... intimidating? Thankfully, we laughed about it all the way home last night. I think it's partly due to the fact that we are a little punchy from lack of sleep.

2. She's up to 4lbs 5oz!! She is starting to look like a baby, and not so much skin and bones. Crossing my fingers that she'll eventually turn into a chubby baby...

3. I'm really tired. We've been going to the hospital at 11:30pm and those late night visits are wearing me out. I hear it's good practice for when she finally comes home. If I think I'm tired now, I can't imagine what I'll feel like when I have to wake up every three hours to feed her!

4. We got new callings in the ward. We haven't officially been called to them, so I can't say what they are. I will say though, I'm completely and utterly terrified of my new calling. I was hoping to get a calling that would take some stress out of my life, but this new calling is worse than the one I already have! I have never in my life been so tempted to say no.

5. I'm losing a ton of weight. It just keeps coming off, and I am wondering at what point it will stop.

6. I love hanging out in Janae's room. There isn't anything up on the walls yet, but I love looking at her crib, folding her clothes and just being in there. I can't wait to get her home so that it doesn't all look so lonely.

7. We got the medical bill yesterday for my whole hospital stay. Holy... freakin'... cow. We're still not sure what we have to pay yet, but we now know the total bill. I can't even imagine what Janae's NICU bill is going to be. I think I'll just not think about it right now. I am so grateful for insurance!

8. I've decided that being patient is really hard. It feels like this time in our life is draggin', big time. I felt the same way when Jared was in Iraq too. Am I destined to always be the one at home that just waits? Waited for Jared to come home, and now I'm waiting for Janae. *sighs* So incredibly frustrating.

9. I'm off to clean the house. My in-laws are coming in tonight and staying over the weekend, and I want to be ready in case they decide to come over and see Janae's room. I have no idea if they will, just makin' sure. Don't want them to think their son married a slob!

10. I hope everyone has a great weekend! If anyone needs me, I'll either be at the hospital or at home, comatose on the couch. ;-)


Kinzie Sue said...

For some reason I thought I had commented on the two other posts... but I guess I didn't. Anyways, I wanted to send our love and congrats on the arrival of sweet Janae! Even though you don't think she looks like a baby, she sure is a cutie already! It makes me want to hold her, or at least touch those tiny fingers! I hope all continues to go well and improve! We we keep you in our hearts and prayers! Welcome to the world baby Janae!

K+B said...

look at her all gaining weight! that's amazing!
you are looking fabulous... seriously jealous.
have fun with the in laws!

Chelsie Brady said...

It's been a couple weeks since I've been to your blog. I didn't realize all that you guys are going through right now. Congratulations on your little one! And, yay for hospitals and nurses. I think medicine is amazing. Your baby girl is, for sure, in good hands. We're praying for you all. She is adorable and you're looking so great, Caitlyn! Good job, Mama! Hang in there- soon you'll be able to snuggle your little sweetie all night long.

Barbara said...

You are wonderful parents already. Good for you! Sounds like Janae is growing fast. What a miracle. Another Peterson miracle!

Marci said...

Thanks for the updates. Glad that she is doing well. You guys are in our prayers.