Sep 8, 2010

Project Update

My dear, kind, sweet, loving husband decided to take the third bedroom under his wing. I guess he too decided moving all that stuff around would be too much for me and the baby, so I stood around holding the trash bag while he cleaned it up. It still looks like a storage room, but at least it's an organized storage room! It no longer gives either one of us the shakes when we go into the room to get something:

Okay, maybe in the picture it doesn't look that much different, but trust me.. there's a huge one! I would even like to mark down in history that my husband actually decided to donate a few things to the local thrift store. I...cannot...believe it. Jared NEVER gives anything away. It's always been a source of minor conflict because I don't hold on to stuff and he does. So, we got rid of a car full of stuff and organized all of our boxes and storage. Feels so much better!

On another semi-related note, I stumbled upon a gold mine last night while blog surfing. This wonderful blogger, whom I have never met, has gathered a bunch of pictures of the temple (that people have sent in, so they're non-copyrighted!) and antiqued them and made them available for everyone's use. Here's the link:

I have been wanting to do a project like this for awhile, so I saved a copy of the Mt. Timpanogos temple and sent it to my mom for her to blow it up and print it off at work. Here is the result:

Aggghh!! I'm so stoked. I've been wanting a picture of this temple ever since we got married, but to buy a nice picture at Deseret Book is a couple hundred dollars. Frankly, I'd rather eat. Can't wait to show you the finished product!!


K+B said...

like! congrats on the room! looks great!

Regina said...

Oh my gosh!! Thanks for sharing that link! I am going to do the exact same thing!!

Regina said...

Oh my gosh!! Thanks for sharing that link! I am going to do the exact same thing!!

Jalei & Lane said...

Love that temple site! I was sad to see she didn't have the Dallas temple, but I'm going there soon & will for sure take a picture & send it to her. Thanks!

Monty and Kristin said...

Looks a lot more organized! Good job you two...or should I say THREE!!:) Love your temple picture! Wow!