Sep 15, 2010

Feeling Neglected

This past Sunday we had Stake Conference, and instead of doing the right thing and actually going, I decided to start my Harry Potter reading marathon instead. It's been years since I've read books 1 though 4. When I get on a Harry Potter kick, I normally just start with book 5 and go up from there. So I decided to do it right this time and start from the very beginning. I've really enjoyed myself so far, but a few things have been neglected while I've been lost in my Harry Potter stupor:

1. The dishes pile up:

2. The clean laundry from last week never gets folded:

3. And the dirty laundry doesn't even make it into the hamper:

4. I haven't done my hair or make-up for three days, and I think I've forgotten the meaning of actually getting dressed. I'm starting to run out of comfy clothes!

5. I've eaten way too many chocolate chip cookies, and as a result, had a terrible stomachache last night.

I love Harry Potter, but every time I look at my kitchen I suddenly develop a nervous twitch. My poor house needs some lovin'!

What gets you so engrossed that you forget everything around you? Or is it just me that does that? ;-)


K+B said...

Harry potter!!! So worth it! :)

Monty and Kristin said... crack me up!! I love it! I love how real you are! Thanks for this post! Unfortunatly for me my laundry pile is much larger than yours!! I should make a post about that! Oh, and I have more dishes than that after every meal! No worries girl! Enjoy your book and chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and your in the last half of pregnancy...comfort is over!:) Need a new picture!;)