Aug 24, 2010

Right Time, Right Place

We drove up to Ogden Saturday night (it's about an hour north from where we live) to have dinner with Jared's cousins. We went with just ourselves and our contribution to the dinner, but came home with this:

A beautiful, utterly perfect entertainment center. They were just going to get rid of it because they didn't have any room for it anymore. Jared and I took a look at it and immediately fell in love! It's absolutely everything we wanted in an entertainment center. The color is perfect, we love that it's modular and comes apart, and it has a place for our DVD's, plus more surfaces for me to put knick-knacks and other deocrative pieces. And did I mention that they gave this to us for FREE?! Woo hoo!

It also came with this cool addition:

A credenza, for when we someday get rich and can get a flat screen. Right now I'm using it as a buffet, and I'm thinking about storing all my craft things (what few things I have) in it. That way when I get a wild hair and want to sew something, I can just pull it out, set it up on the dining table and then put it away when I'm done. Same thing with all my scrapbook paper and whatnot. I know exactly how I want to decorate the top of this credenza-buffet piece, and I'm going to spend some time at the thrift store and the dollar store this week to price things out.

Now I just need to get my dining room table painted. It sure is an eye sore next to all this beautiful dark wood!


K+B said...

thats how I felt about my dining room table-- so we sold it and bought the new pretty one with the money.

I'm SO jealous.. LOVE the entertainment center so much!

Michelle said...


Jalei & Lane said...

What luck you guys had. It looks great!

Regina said...

What a great score!

Monty and Kristin said...

How awesome!! That's a wonderful blessing. I want go over to dinner at Jared's cousins!:)