Dec 16, 2009

Still Posting Recipes!

Even though I no longer have my own food blog, I still wanted to post recipes. If I make yummy stuff, I want everyone to know and have a resource to go to when you are looking for new ideas. So, I asked my aunts if I could join in on their food site!

Here's the link:

I just posted my first recipe on there for Homemade Oreo's. Super good! This site is great because it's an actual website instead of a blog so there are a lot of features. There is a print option so you can print the recipe without all the extra fuss. Also, it's nice that I'm not the only one posting. Even though you've never met my aunts, I can totally vouch for their good taste. They make great food! It's less stress for me and you have more recipes and variety to choose from. So head on over next time you're searching for a recipe and check it out!


K+B said...

Yay! I need EASY stuff... is this stuff easy? Loved those cookies... wish baby would have let me eat more!!

Monty and Kristin said...

Good idea. Thanks for the update. Oh, I like the picture of you and Jared you put on your blog too! Great add. I think I may need to make those cookies...I'm really enjoying sweets this season. A little too much, but oh well!