Dec 1, 2009

Holiday Baking

First of all, I saw New Moon. I just have one thing to say: FAB-U-LOUS!!!

Yes, I just said that like a gay man. For my thoughts on the movie, head over to my book blog.

Second of all, I've been seriously slacking in posts. Sorry 'bout that.

Third of all, I'm in a quandry. I don't know what to bake for the holidays. Now that I am in my own home, I want to have my own holiday baking traditions. But what do I make?

I'm throwing this question into the void in hopes that you, dear friends, will share your holiday baking traditions with me to get my creative juices flowing. Please help!

P.S. I spent 20 min. on the treadmill yesterday. Walking. I'm pretty sure that one workout will ensure I at least maintain my weight through the holiday. Don't you agree? ;-)


Michelle said...

I'm the wrong person to ask since I don't bake. I do however make cookies at Christmas with the kids and we deliver them to friends for FHE closer to Christimas.

BTW...I love your new blog layout. I really think I need to hire you to do my photography blog. Let me know if you are ever bored and want something to do. :)

Caitlin said...

Michelle - As much as I would love to claim credit for this.. I can't! I downloaded it. The link should be at the very bottom of the page. I can do the blog design stuff, I'm just stuck on how to get it from photoshop onto the internet. I need to take a coding class or something. Or find software that does it for me!

The JAMC Johnsons said...

Have you ever baked Neiman Marcus cookies? They're good, and they come with a funny little story about them to pass along. Let me know if you're interested...I have to get the recipe from my mom.

Monty and Kristin said...

You can never go wrong with cookies. Cookies are always so good. This lady in our ward always brings my parents this dish with Lemon bars, cookies, peanut brittle...anyway, the lemon bars usually goes first. My mom also makes this amazing bread each holiday. Personally that's my favorite because it's a nice change from all the sweets. Can't wait to hear what you make. I want some of whatever it is:) Glad you saw New Moon and loved it.:)

Goodman Family said...

I am going to have to agree with everyone else. You can never go wrong with cookies, any kind of cookies. But sugar cookies are always fun because then you can decorate them with festive frosting, and decorations.
My mom always makes an asphalt pie like the one from wingers, and we all love it.
Homemade cinnamon rolls are Heavenly.
Anything with pumpkin is to die for.

Sarah and Alex said...

I am still learning how to cook myself so I don't have many suggestions, but I just wanted to say that i LOVE your blog layout! :)