Nov 23, 2009

Great News!

First of all.. where the heck is everyone's New Moon posts? I've been waiting all weekend for you guys to post pics and opinions. I'm not going until Wed night and can't wait!!

Second of all... I've had a dream come true. No, I'm not pregnant. Although I wish that was the announcement I was making. I'm talking about another dream. A dream of books. A friend of my SIL, Alicia, is a manager at a Barnes & Noble store close to where I live. I asked her at Bunco night if they were hiring seasonal employees, and I put in my application and... WAS HIRED! I'm extremely part time, like one night a week and a weekend shift, which is perfect. I'm doing this for fun and I cannot. wait. B&N book loan program, here I come!


Michelle said...

Ahh, that is great news!!!

Well I didn't take any pics and am way behind on my blog, but did LOVE the movie. So true to the book and hit all the major parts. Dustin even loved it and wants to see it again. :) Hope you enjoy...let us know. :)

Monty and Kristin said...

Congrats. You're going to love that job!! Have fun!!;) Keep us posted on the good books!:)

Sarah and Alex said...

I just wanted to say that I saw new moon this past weekend and really liked it. :) I thought it was way better than the first. Probably cuz I like Jacob better than Edward. Edward is always so whiny and pale and not fun to watch. Jacob has an amazing body and is fun and happy most the time. The book was so depressing with Bella like that for half the book, and I like how they cut it so much shorter in the movie. Anyways, those are my thoughts about the movie. :) I hope you enjoy it too!