Nov 3, 2009

Something's Gotta Give

Have you ever seen that movie? It's actually pretty good. And I don't even really love Jack Nicholson either!

All right, I've come to a decision. I love, love, love my book blog. I should have started one a long time ago. I've been reading a ton of good books lately, so if you're looking for inspiration head over there! However, it takes up a lot of time. I have to read the books, then post about them, then update all the ways that you can search for that review... it just takes a bit of time. So that being said, I'm getting rid of my food and craft blog. I just don't post enough on them to keep them, and frankly... I like my book blog more. So I'd rather get rid of them and have two blogs (this one and my book blog) that are well maintained and posted on regularly, then three semi-maintained blogs and then I post everyday on my book blog. Make sense? So any new recipes I try or crafts I do will be posted on this main blog. Not that I do a lot of either. Those hobbies can be expensive! Whereas with reading.. it's all free. So.. there you go. That's what's goin' on in my little corner of the blogging world.

Also.. would you mind going over to my book blog and signing up to be a follower? I'm trying to boost my numbers up in my little follower box. The more followers I have, the more credible the blog looks! You'd be doing me a huge favor and I'd love you for life. Seriously.

This is what else is going on in our life right now:

1. Jared has hit the busy season with work. The "hub" here in SLC is brand new and will be opening this weekend, so I expect to be spending a lot of time by myself in the next few weeks. Good thing I don't mind being alone!

2. I'm reminded everyday of the "Guns I Want" list. It's actually pretty cute and I feel bad that he can't just go out and buy whatever he wants. *sighs* Someday!

3. Both Jared and I received new callings. Jared is 1st counselor in the young mens program, and I'm currently an advisor in young womens. However, the presidency is going to be reworked next month, so I don't know where I'll be after that. I'll let you know. I'm the oldest in the presidency by two years! Our ward is made up solely of two apartment complexes, so the ward is a lot of young married couples with no kids, young married couples with small children, and then older single adults who are recently divorced or have never been married or something like that. When the bishopric issued the calling, they told us that Jared and I are on the older end of the young married couples category. Yikes! Nothing like being told you're old when you're not even 25 yet. But it's a good ward and we're happy to be in it.

4. I bruised my tail bone really bad last week and it hurts like the devil! Plus, my tailbone area is all purple and blue. I'm not sure what I did. Maybe I do too much sitting. It's been really annoying to only sit on one butt cheek. You'd think there'd be enough fat there to pad the area to avoid bruising!

5. Jared and I stayed at home on Halloween to pass out candy, but only had  handful of trick-or-treaters. What really made me mad was that hardly any of them said "trick-or-treat"!!! What's up with kids these days? Next year I'm just going to stare at them until they say it. My niece came by dressed as a dalmation. She was soooo cute. I have pics, I'll post them when I get home tonight.

6. We're just really enjoying life. We have a great apartment that we love being in. We like our new ward, Jared loves his new job (and we both love having the paycheck!) and while this job still isn't my favorite, it's going all right. We're happy, and that's really all we can ask for.

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Kinzie Sue said...

I noticed the same thing with the kids not saying trick-or-treat!! What has the world come too... it's all about a free handout without having to do anything, not even say a few measly words for some candy! Oh, and I'm sorry about your tailbone... sounds like a pain in the... butt. Hope it gets better fast!!