Nov 10, 2009

A Picture

My grandma sent me this pic from when we went to my dad's wedding and well, I stole it. I figured we all looked relatively good in the pic (I was having an excellent hair day!) and so I'm posting it. Thanks grandma!

P.S. For those Californians, the wedding was on Coronado Beach. When I go back to San Diego I want to go spend a day on Coronado Island walking down their main street and going into all the shops! It looked so fun.

P.P.S I can never remember... are we supposed to capitalize titles such as "dad" or "grandma"? My grammar education is failing me at the moment.


Kinzie Sue said...

I agree, your hair does look FAB! and as far as the capitalization goes... I think if you are using the title as their name, then yes, but as a pronoun, no. You should think since I'm an English major, I should know for sure. Maybe I should have been paying closer attention to that lecture.

Pierce and Stacy said...

You look HOT!

The JAMC Johnsons said...

You DO look great! By the way, I love your book blog. I'll definitely be a soon as my computer stops giving me trouble! : )

Michelle said...

Great pic and hey, I'll join you for some fab shopping there, just say when. :)

Sarah and Alex said...

The rule I learned is that if you could replace the word with their name, you capitalize it. Like "Hey, how's it going Dad?" but if you can't then don't. Like "This is my grandma." Does that make sense?

Pierce and Stacy said...

P.s. Will you please become a fan of my photography?!?!

And do you have something for your book website or designs?! I love reading all your different blogs!

Caitlin said...

Thanks everyone! I promise I wasn't fishing for compliments or anything ;-).

Kinzie and Sara, I do believe you're right on the grammar. So my post is grammatically incorrect. Bugga.

Stacy - Done! Do you mean you want the link for my book blog? It's over on the top of my sidebar. I deleted the other two blogs, it was just too much work.

Denise said...


You are BEAUTIFUL! and when you see the photos Erin took you'll be blown away :)

But yes! your hair looks great, especially considering how windy it was :)