Oct 12, 2009

Coming Up This Week

My dream is to someday have an actual website. Where all of my pages are actually linked on one site. That way whether I post on my craft/home site or my book site, it'll show up on your blog reader as being updated.

Until then.. I'm going to try doing a "Coming Up This Week" post on this main blog, so that you all will know what I'm posting on my other pages. We'll see how it goes. I'm not putting dates to anything, because I know I won't follow them. So the time frame is a general going-to-be-posted-sometime-this-week type deal.

All Things Crafty

I'm starting my series of before pictures of my apartment. I've taken pictures of all the rooms, and I'm going to share what I want to accomplish in those rooms. Then when the rooms are finally all complete, I'll do the same tour again, but it'll be the finished product.

I'll also share my experiences of hanging pictures for the first time. I've never done it, but Jared is out of town and super busy with his job so I'm suckin' it up and doing it myself. We have nothing on the walls and it's driving me crazy. Maybe I'll also tell you about the time I attempted to hang a curtain rod all by myself. Talk about disastrous...

All Things Tasty

I've got three recipes coming your way this week! One stir-fry recipe for dinner, and then two dessert recipes. Everything is of course, absolutely delicious.

All Things Print

I'm posting my review for the next BWB book we just got done reading. I'm actually posting it tonight. I've got a few recommendation posts coming up this week as well. Just things I've been reading and would suggest. I'm also going to do a post about my top 10 favorite books up until now. I can't say of all time, because I might read something later on down the road and the list might change. Now if I can just narrow down the list to 10....

Hope this helps!


The JAMC Johnsons said...

Love it! I enjoy all your blogs. : ) Especially books...I'm an avid reader, myself.

Goodman Family said...

Great idea, because i'm lazy and check this blog first so it will be nice to see what is going on with your other blogs.

Sarah and Alex said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really like your "all things tasty" blog! We tried the butterscotch brownies and they were delicious! I am not very brave when it comes to cooking, but I am slowly working up to doing more stuff and you have some great ideas! :)

Kinzie Sue said...

oh, wouldn't it be so fun to have a real website. i aspire to that too! love all of your blogs and I will be checking them!!