Jun 19, 2009

My New Idol

Meet Ree Drummond. She is The Pioneer Woman and she is freakin' AMAZING. I just spent the last three hours reading her love story. I started it at work today (it was ridiculously slow), and immediately came home, changed into my fat pants, sat down with my chocolate covered graham cookies and became engrossed (and ate the whole package of cookies.. see why I need the fat pants?). You have GOT to READ it. It's like a novel. Except online. And shorter. I actually moved my recliner chair in front of the computer (little computer chair = sore butt) cause I couldn't stop reading. I'm not sure how long she's been doing this website but it's full of GREAT information. Plus, she's just an excellent writer. I haven't even begun to tap into all the different blog entires she's got on there. Did I mention that I think Ree is pretty darn cool?

Okay, I'll stop my mini-blogger-crush and let you all get on with your lives. ;-)


Meagan said...

I totally have read her story too and couldn't stop until I finished the whole thing...totally amazing and I love the way she writes!

Goodman Family said...

I haven't read her story yet, but I think I might. And I might go get me some of those chocolate covered graham cookies, they sound really good.
Also when does your hubby get back? If he doesn't get back till Wednesday, I will be husbandless and childless and I would love to get together.
Also I would love your help with a header, that would be super great.
Well, I will see you Sunday.