May 27, 2009

Random Updates

Last weekend was another major family event as we sent my sister off to Brazil to serve her mission! She flew out last Tuesday directly to the MTC in Sao Paulo (hopefully I spelled that right) and this is a picture of her district after attending their first temple session there. We got her first e-mail yesterday and she is super busy and having a great time. I wasn't so emotional sending her off.. I know she'll be okay. This will be such a great experience for her!

In other news... there isn't much. This "after graduation" period has been really interesting. I guess I thought that Jared graduating was going to solve all our problems and everything was going to be a magic fairy land. I'm having a hard time being patient, which is no big surprise. I want to move to TX NOW, and buy a house NOW and get pregnant NOW and make the big bucks NOW and get out of debt NOW. And perhaps that sentence right there is the reason why everything is going the way it is. Patience has never been one of my better qualities and I guess now is as good a time to be taught that it's a virtue as any! So, that's my goal for the next little while until whatever path in life we're supposed to take reveals itself. I'm learning that there is a difference between being "student" adults and "for real" adults. While in school, we had direction, focus, goals... and now the question we keep asking ourselves is "now what?". There are so many options! We just want to make sure we're doing the right thing, going the right place and making the right decisions. Ack! Life is definitely an adventure. I'm just grateful that I have Jared along for the ride. Now, unlike me... his feathers aren't ruffled at all. He has such great faith that everything will be okay. Our new motto whenever some trial comes up is "At least it's not Iraq!" Which is true. This hard moment in time is nothing compared to the not so great experience that was.

That's my musings for the day. Jared is flying to TX next tuesday for a week and a half to do some job scouting, so hopefully something will happen. Crossing my fingers!


Michelle P said...

Iknow, I have a problem with the "now" factor also. It will all happen at the right time now. I do want to say to enjoy this time right now. DO all you can, travel and live it up cause as soon as the kids come life changes in all ways. For the good for sure, but you realize that you can't just "go" anymore. Best of luck and it will all be just fine!! :)

Goodman Family said...

I'm right in your vote, I want all your nows now too. Mine aren't happening either, and I am being quite stubborn about it, maybe i'll try taking your advice and be patient. But best of luck with everything, like your hubs says thing will work out.
Also congrats on your sister in Brazil, my brother also served his mission there, but that was years ago.

The Rich's said...

hey that is a great pic of your sis! keep posting pics of her when she sends them so we can keep tabs on her, that is great! Also, dont' worry, jared just graduated two weeks ago, it will take a little longer to get everything you want, but it will come, just live in the moment because you don't want regrets..and i'll keep you guys around while i can before you move :) loves to you...leesh

Jalei & Lane said...

I can't believe your sister is going on a mission! My brother went to Brazil & loved it. I say if nothing is holding you down, pick up your things & move into an apartment in TX! The job market is better there than most places.

Regina said...

I have been trying to learn patience since the day I got married. I am proud to report that I have gotten better. And you will too! And TX is the place to be!