Apr 1, 2009

Three Reasons Why I Hate Snow

Yes, it's April 1st and it's blizzarding outside! Will someone please explain to me WHY we have gotten more snow in the last three weeks than in the whole winter combined?! Anyone? I think Global Warming is a bunch of bunk. Anyone who says it exists can take a little trip up to Utah and experience our spring snow showers. I hate snow for the following reasons:

1. It's dangerous to drive in, even if you have four wheel drive, such as myself. For some reason, snow causes the already bad Utah drivers to be even worse. If that's possible. They're pretty bad!
2. You have to wear ugly winter jackets that cover up whatever cute outfit you're wearing. Plus, the bottom's of your pants get all wet and then the hems get all scraggly and you have to go buy new jeans eventually, or roll up the hems of the pants you have causing you look like a dork. And then your ankles get cold.
3. I hate, and I mean HATE with a firing buring passion having to scrape my car. Grr...

As for other news.. there isn't much. I do have an update on the TX move, I guess. After we made the decision to move in May, we started talking about it (again), and we thought that maybe it would be a better idea to wait until Jared actually has a job before we move down. Plus, we'd move down in May and then Jared would have to turn around and come back up here for another two weeks of army training in June (it's going to be a very lonely summer for me). So, we're still moving to TX, the date just has been pushed back. This way we're hoping Jared will get a job and then we'll be able to move right into a house. And then we can have a garage and I will never have to scrape my car again. Woo hoo!

Jared has four weeks left of school! Four weeks of classes, then a week of finals and then graduation ceremony is on May 8. I. CAN'T. WAIT. I'm trying to be supportive and not be too excited, b/c these next four weeks are going to be tough for Jared. He's in two capstone classes and there is a ton of work involved. He had drill this past weekend, and on saturday night they got released early and he and his friends went to a classic car show. I went with him last year, and I think he had way more fun going with his buddies than me. Not that he doesn't love me, I just don't have the same appreciation for cars that he and his friends do. He did take lots of pics, and there are some really beautiful classic cars out there! Someday when we have a shop, Jared is going to rebuild a car himself. Not sure what it will be yet, but whatever it is, Jared will make it look great.

As for me, I've recently discovered that I love working out. I've lost 5lbs. so far! I've been working out consistently for the last three weeks and I love it. I'm happier, I eat healthier and I just feel better. Plus, my pants fit better too! That's always a bonus. Since I've started my food blog I've been amping up my workouts, knowing that I'm going to be doing a lot of baking! It's awesome to know that I can bake something and eat it and not feel guilty or that it's going straight to my thighs. I'm really enjoying my food blog. I don't know if anyone reads it, but it's forcing me to try new things, learn new things, and broaden my palate. I love to eat, and I love it even more when I make it. I'm still working, but I've been putting out resumes, looking to see what else is out there. I've discovered that it's a lot easier looking for a job when I already have one. There's not so much pressure and I don't get wigged out at every interview. If I get the job, fantastic. If not, then it's not such a big deal. I'll keep you updated, let you know how things are going. My birthday is next week! I'll be turning 24, and for some reason that sounds so old to me. 24, agh! That's one year closer to 25!

I never know how to end posts like this. So I'm just going to do this.. The End.

***Edit. Sorry this was such a long post! I was just typing away and didn't realize how long it was. I quite the yakker, apparently.

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Jalei & Lane said...

Where is your food blog? I want to read it!