Apr 3, 2009

A Conversation

Let me set the scene.. I'm madly rushing to finish doing my hair (as usual) so that I'm not too late for work. Jared just gets out of the shower, shakes his head and is done (arrgg.. the injustice!!) and is getting dressed. Jared standing in front of our gun cabinet, contemplating.

Cait: What are you doing?
Jared: I love guns. You know what I love most? There's a gun for
every outfit.
HAHAHA!!! Oh, how I love my Jared. I might be the only one that thinks this is funny, but I thought it was interesting that he'd say the same thing about guns as I would shoes!


Regina said...

Ha! Sounds like yall belong in TEXAS!!

Samantha said...

Hi Caitlin,

It's good to meet you too. I wish we could have come to your wedding. We had just moved up to Idaho the weekend that you were married, or else we would have come. Oh, I have great memories of hanging out with Jared and all the funny things he would say. He and Colin are so much alike it's scary. It will be good to get to know you better and hopefully get together sometime. If you ever venture up to Idaho Falls we always have an empty guest bedroom. Hey there's a Temple here too.
Oh and the gun thing is heelarious! That is so Jared. Just ask him about the time we went to a haunted house and he had to take his gun back to his car. Haha. Sorry for the long post.

The Rich's said...

aha...said thing is i'm not a bit surprised by his comments..that is such a boy thing!!! hahahhaa...that was funny....ps let's go out to lunch for your bday this week! i'll call you tomorrow...loves!