Feb 9, 2009


I love coming into work on Monday mornings, not b/c I love my job, but b/c everyone has had a chance to update their blogs over the weekend and I love reading new posts!

So, here are our updates:

Jared: Busy with school. He's taking four classes this semester, but two of them are capstone classes so he has a TON of papers and projects to do this semester. We are counting down the days until May 8, The Big Day. You better believe that I am going to be there sitting in the front row when he walks across the stage!

Cait: Not so busy with work. Since the rates were so low during Dec and Jan, we were super busy with a bunch of refinances (I work for an appraisal company) and that was really nice to be busy all day long. Now, not so much. Thank goodness for the internet.. I usually keep myself pretty entertained during the day. Mostly looking at all the decadent baking websites and drooling all over myself. I've started taking sewing lessons from my mom one day a week, and I've discovered that I'm not very good at it. At least not yet! I now have my very own sewing machine and it's been exciting to work on it a little bit. I'm currently in the process of making pajama pants, so we'll see how it goes. Mostly I want to learn how to use it to do craft sewing, such as curtains/draperies, slipcovers, pillow cases.. stuff like that. Hopefully, I'll get there someday!


Goodman Family said...

What is your hubs going to school for again? Also thanks for the comment on my blog, we are having a hard time deciding what to do, just because there are so many pros and cons to the option, I think we might have to come talk to you guys about it.

The Rich's said...

SWEET! i can't sew worth CRAP so when you learn how i'll just pay you to do all of my sewing...YESS....so excited!!!

Regina said...

I tried to sew something for the first time the other day. IT didn't work out, I think I was too ambitious. I hope the pj's come out okay, you'll have to post a pic!

Penni said...

What kind of sewing machine did you get? I love to sew, but I don't even have a sewing machine. I just want one that will last, but isn't too complicated or pricey...any ideas?