Feb 12, 2009

25 Random Things

I have never been "tagged" but I love reading these on people's blogs so I thought I'd put one on anyway. Mostly I just want to see if I can come up with 25 things!

25 Random Things about Me:

1. I was hit in the head by a discus in 7th grade (can we say.. ouch?!)
2. I am slightly pigeon footed, which causes me to have a waddle-like run. Not very attractive.
3. I take 20 min showers. Even when I try to hurry, they still end up being 20 min.
4. I can eat a whole bag of peanut M&M's in one sitting.
5. I LOVE reading romance novels.
6. I am not a germ-o-phob, but I can't stand drinking from a restaurant cup without the straw. Gives me the heebie geebies.
7. I cry at pretty much anything. Movies, books, sad moments... The list goes on.
8. I love to sing songs in church, but when the notes get to high for me I stop singing and mouth the words until the songs goes into my range again.
9. I am the worst at re-telling a story or joke.
10. Dr. Pepper is my manna from heaven.
11. I hate yard work of any kind.
12. I love chocolate, but don't like chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk or chocolate frosted donuts.
13. I love lunch dates. Doesn't matter who with, I just love going out to lunch!
14. I snort sometimes when I laugh.
15. I love being an Army wife.
16. I am terrible at keeping secrets. I always tell people that if they don't want something told to anyone else, don't tell me! I can't even keep gifts and such for Jared a secret. I just get so excited I blab about everything.
17. I love to plan parties and can't wait 'til I have a house so we can have company over. Our BBQ is just patiently waiting in our storage unit, ready to be used.
18. Besides being a stay-at-home-mom, my dream job is a librarian.
19. My favorite color is red.
20. I want to travel someday. There are lots of places I want to go and sights I want to see.
21. I do not possess the quality of punctuality. I am ashamed to say that I am always late to pretty much everything.
22. My favorite colors to wear are black and white. So simple, so classy.
23. I tried to hang up a curtain rod all by myself once and I had to read the directions on how to use the drill. Pathetic, I know.
24. I was in the marching band in high school and am not afraid to admit it! I actually really enjoyed myself.
25. This post took me like an hour to complete.


Kelley said...

So fun to learn more about you. I am a big fan of lunch dates too! Next time I make it to Utah we will have to do lunch.

Kelley Hauck

The Rich's said...

gotta be honest..i was so excited to see that a LOT of those things i already knew about you! i knew you better than i thought i did!!! so glad you are my sis in law!!! let's do a lunch date soon :)

Nicole said...

How fun to hear more about you. I did remember some things and totally understand why your showers are 20 min no matter what. Your hair is so thick.

Veronica Peterson said...

I'm with you about not being able to keep secrets. Greg doesn't like them so if there's any surprises he knows about it. Your letters turned out cute!

Pierce and Stacy said...

I love that you want to be a librarian. SO cute! That was fun to learn more about you!