Jan 12, 2009

Christmas Pics

Yay! I've finally posted our Christmas adventures. What a great Christmas! We spent it down in TX with Jared's family and had a great time. Some of the highlights include:

Jared's first pedicure. The pic is blurry, but out of the 20 pics I tried to take of this event, this was the best one. Oh, the perils of taking pictures when you are mechanically challenged. The boys went to get pedicures and must I say, even after all the beef they gave, they're converted.

I didn't actually contribute a ton to the puzzle. Like, maybe 20 pieces out of 1000. But I killed those 20 pieces!

The LARGE sugar cookie we left Santa on Christmas Eve. This is the best sugar cookie recipe ever!

Christmas morning tradition: biscuits and gravy! Oh.. my.. gosh. So, so good!

12ft Christmas tree. The kicker is, my awesome mother-in-law decorates the whole thing herself! Amazing.

The stockings hanging over the fire place. You'll note that the in-laws have the biggest stockings. That's cause Santa likes them the best. ;-)

I have to say, even though Brooklyn wasn't quite getting the whole unwrapping the present thing, Christmas is SOO much more fun with kids around! She was so cute!

Helping out Grandpa

The gang hanging out, enjoying eachother's company and relaxin' after the present opening.The woman! Or for those of you don't know, my totally amazing mother-in-law. Supa cool.

And me. Random pic that Jared took and yes, you can see the two weeks of non-stop eating on my face. Don't worry, the situation is being rectified.
So, that's it! We also got to talk to Jared's sister and brother who are serving missions (Jessie in Argentina and Cory in Dominican Republic) over the holiday and that was pretty awesome. They had cool stories to tell. Speaking of which, Jessie is coming home this weekend! All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas and a great time doing the traditions that Jared grew up with and loves so much.


Ryan and Lizeth said...

Wow looks like a really fun time. I am so craving a diet coke, giant sugar cookie, and some biscuits and gravy now. Thanks for posting those pictures. You really have a great family there. We love you guys. Happy New Year!!

Regina said...

I am sure a Texas Christmas was way different than the Utah ones!!

Monty and Kristin said...

YUM!! I think I gained two pounds just reading your post!! Good heavens. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for posting!