Nov 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving this year was with my family, and here they are! My mom and brothers just recently moved up here to the Salt Lake Valley, so it was nice not to have to travel this year. And yes, that is my goofy husband. I swear this man can't take a serious picture. Anyway, this was Jared's first Thanksgiving with my family and hopefully he wasn't too weirded out. Not that we do anything off the wall, but the first holiday away from the norm is always weird. We spent the day eating, laughing, eating, sharing what we are grateful for about eachother and in our lives and eating!
This was my brother Zach's (on the right) first year to have the manly chore of carving the turkey. Basically he was butchering the turkey, again, and then Jared came to the rescue and showed him what to do. Even though it wasn't the prettiest carved turkey, it was so incredibly good! Just goes to show that looks don't matter.

This is our Thanksgiving food in all it's glory.Yum!
We spent Thanksgiving Day with my family, and then that night we met up with Jared's mom and sister and the girls went to see Twilight. Overall, I really liked the movie! Edward was a better actor in some scenes than others, the special effects could have been better but it was a cute love story with a twist. I had heard such mix reviews about it that I was hoping that it didn't bomb, but I liked it. The only character that I was really disapointed in was Rosalie who I thought was actually not attractive in the least. She did the attitude really well, but she wasn't drop dead gorgeous like I had pictured in the book. Anyway, the movie was really great and I'd definitely go see it again in theaters and will definitely buy it. So, that was my Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, real life hits again on Monday. Yuck.


Mike and Regina said...

I didn't know your family moved! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Meagan said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Your mom is lucky to have such amazing kids!! Your dinner looked was just Rob and me this year- wierd and quiet but still good!

randivon said...

That is great that your mom is close! And that looks like a great Thanksgiving. How much fun! And the first Holiday with in-laws is weird... but it can be good too. :-)