Aug 9, 2011

10.5 Months

Janae has changed so much in the last month in a half, and every time I think about it I have a mild panic attack. She's 10.5 months now, and as we get closer to her birthday I am struck again and again with how quickly time flies. I can't believe how much they grow in the first year!

A few things about her now:

1. She is quite the cruiser. She has been crawling all over the place for about the last two weeks. About the same week she figured out the crawling, she decided she wanted to pull herself up on stuff. She's becoming quite the pro at that, but hasn't moved on to walking around things yet. Thank heavens. I am so not ready for her to start walking.

2. I think she is also going to be a climber. She stands up but always seems to want to go higher. I can't imagine what kind of bumps and bruises we are going to see when that stage hits.

3. She has a tooth! Yay! It only took her forever to get one, but she has one. It's on the bottom. I would take a picture, but it's nearly impossible to look in her mouth unless she's laughing or screaming. The second one is also coming in, but hasn't broken through yet. We've had some pretty cranky days around here.

4. She loves the cell phone. When I'm talking to somebody she isn't satisfied until I'm holding her and she can be right next to the phone. She doesn't reach for it, she just likes to be included just in case she has an opinion or something. So far her favorite person to talk to is Jared. I'll put him on speaker phone and she lights up like a Christmas tree when she hears his voice. It's pretty dang adorable.

5. We're still struggling with the solid food transition. Some days she seems to do well, and others all she wants is her baby food. So far she likes blueberry waffles, yogurt and hot dogs. She's even starting to like the puffs, and that's just been the last few days. She doesn't feed herself yet. She can pick up the food and tries to get it in her mouth, but she grips it in her fist and then tries to stick her whole fist in her mouth. She's close though, I'm sure she'll get it soon.

6. She's down to two bottles a day. I stepped it down at 10 months from 3 to 2, and when she hits 11 months I'll take away her morning bottle and will only feed her right before bed. Then at a year we'll be completely done (yes! yes! yes!). I'm also going to try and take away her binks. I think she'll do okay, but I'm not sure how I'll do. It's what I use to keep her quiet in church and when we're out shopping, and I haven't found anything else that works. I'm nervous about it.

7. She's just a really good baby. She's okay playing with her toys by herself, and is content to crawl around the house all day exploring. For all my belly aching, she really doesn't fuss a whole ton. If she does cry, it's for a reason. She is really happy and smiles all the time. It's so wonderful and we have such a good time hanging out together. We're pretty good buds, and I wouldn't have it any other way. ;-)


Regina said...

Awww, she sounds like such a little cutie! Let us know how it goes with the binks! Arden has become MORE attached to it and wants it all day now! I am dreading taking it I probably won't for a long time!

Jalei & Lane said...

She sounds like so much fun! I'm scared for you about taking away her pacifier. I hope it goes better for you than it did for me. Maybe it will be ok since you're doing it earlier than I did.

The Rich's said...

she got a tooth!!! blast...she should have broken it while we were in Texas to top of the week of milestones she experienced! i MISSS YOU GUYYSS too!!! :( uhhh..i am totally down with the live on the same street plan, but we will have to maybe live somewhere with no snow and no 110degree+humidity climate...does such a place exist?? i told b we were going to have a play date with some friends last week and she said 'mom..can i have one with janae instead?' seriously missing lots of pics and let's plan a get together before next family christmas ;) love you....