Jul 8, 2011

In Which I Post Another List

I have a goal to keep each bullet point to a maximum of four sentences. Okay, five. No, four. I swear. Let's see if I can do it, eh?

1. I am so far behind on blogging, it's becoming ridiculous. I have pictures from Memorial Day weekend when my in-laws were in town that I still need to post. I have a few recipes that I've tried recently that were delish, and I thought I'd share those as well. Jared's flying out of town again on Sunday (for an excellent reason, and I can't wait to share when he gets home!), so maybe I'll catch up on Sunday afternoon.

2. Janae turned 9mo on the 26th, and she weighed in at 20.8lbs and was in the 75th percentile! *does a happy dance* Her pediatrician was so impressed with how much she has grown in the last three months. I can't remember her height, but it was in the 35-40 percentile. Shortie in the house!

3. Jared works. And sleeps, and then goes to work again. I'm pretty sure his employees see him more than we do. He did have a chance to go shooting last Saturday, and he came home a new man.

4. It's amazing what throwing some bullets down range will do for your mental state. Yes, I did just approve shooting as a therapy technique for taking out aggression. Of course, said aggression-taking-out must take place in an approved environment, following all safety precautions. Don't just wander into your backyard and pop some off.

5. That would an incredibly dumb thing to do. Have you seen CSI lately? You can't hide from those people man. And don't come running to me, cause there ain't no love for people who do incredibly dumb things.

6. I might even bust out "I told you so." Compassion isn't in my vocabulary.

7. Except to type it, I guess.

8. Where in the blazes was I?

9. Oh, me. Me, myself and I. Getting off Dr. Pepper is hard people. I'm sad to say that I've fallen off the band wagon several times since my bold declaration.

10. I spent lots of time reading. And feeding Janae. And trying not to snap at her when she doesn't eat fast enough. Yes, I'm a snapper. *shame face*

11. I hate it. And I instantly feel horrible after I do it. I've even made her cry. Trust me, I fire myself at least once a day.

12. Thank goodness my employer is so willing to work with me, and forgives instantly. I'm trying to be more like her. Have you read this yet? Our children are such great examples of the people we should be.

13. Janae is starting to crawl. It's freaking. me. out. And apparently crawling = excessive amounts of drool. As a friend so aptly put it, it's like living with Jaws. Her mouth is open all the time, and forget trying to keep her clothes dry.

14. Or our feet dry.

15. Just keepin' it real folks.

16. We have absolutely nothing exciting planned for this weekend. I'll be staring at my orange kitchen with utter loathing and trying to avoid lakes of drool. Jared has some random house/car/garage/lawn project planned, I'm sure. That man can entertain himself better than anyone I know.

17. On that note, I'll leave y'all alone and let you get back to your weekend. Hope it's a great one!


Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

I loved this post! You're a great mom, don't even stress about it. You're home with her and she loves you no matter what. I loved the gun/popping bullet points, no compassion. :)

I'm trying to find a good books, any suggestions of some of your favorites?

Monty and Kristin said...

You always make me laugh! I am so happy to hear Janae is crawling. That's awesome. Does she have any teeth yet? Oh, and I think we all fire ourselves at least once a day!

The Rich's said...

you are freakin' hilarious cait...glad to know i'm not the only one that fires myself everyday hahaha..except i don't snap...i clap really loud and point when i get frustrated with B...now she is starting to do it back..so just be careful hahahah.....and J and Jax are going to be buds...my kid is a total drool mouth/soaked shirt kid and he's not even crawling...oh they are going to be buds...can't wait to see you...loves...