May 23, 2011

Summer Movies

One of the things I very most love about the summer is all the huge blockbuster movies that come out. Based on the trailers we've seen, this summer looks promising!


James McAvoy + accent = A drooling Cait. Seriously, he's a dream boat. I LOVED him in Becoming Jane.

Ryan Reynolds. Super hero powers. Tight. green. suit. I might need to remember to bring a personal fan to this one...

We don't own very many animated films (not yet, anyway), but Cars is definitely on our shelf. Why? Hubs LOVES this movie. I do too, actually, but I think the reasons are different. He loves anything and everything having to do with cars, and I love Mater. So, this one is definitely a must see!


Oh my GOSH I love these movies. They are so action packed, and they get my blood pumping like no other. Plus, I love Shia LeBeouf. Hopefully the love interest they got to replace Megan Fox is a better actress than than, uh, Megan Fox. I think her only purpose was to stand there and look hot.

This movie is going to be EPIC. Have you seen the trailer yet? Jared has been looking forward to this movie ever since I told him about the wicked wizard battle at the end of the book. I love all of the movies, but I have a feeling this one is going to be the best of 'em. It's also bittersweet. So excited for the movie, but bummed that the journey is finally over. No more books, and no more movies. Sad day.

Apparently, I love me some superheroes. I have no idea if this one is even going to be good (or any of them, really) but I'm crossing my fingers. Chris Evans stars in this, and I feel like he did a pretty good job in Fantastic 4. Plus, he's easy on the eyes.

I'm kind of iffy on this one. The concept is, well, strange. But with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, it just might be worth it. I sorta wish that Daniel Craig had been spending his time working on the next Bond movie, but nobody asked me. I'm thinkin' I'll wait 'til other people see this, and get their opinion.

Did anyone else grow up watching Conan? No? Huh, how strange. At any rate, this one looks to be pretty good. Jason Momoa stars in this, and this guy is HUGE. And ripped. He's currently playing on an HBO series called Game of Thrones, and the guy is a beast:

Yikes. I think I'll pick him to be on my team.

I know this post leans heavily towards "man movies", but I didn't see a whole lot of chick flicks coming out. What about you? Anything in particular you're looking forward to? Anything I missed?

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea what any of these movies are rated. I'm not purposely pushing R movies on you, so please don't be offended. While we might see it, I completely respect your desire not to.


Mallori said...

You just made me really excited about all the movies that are coming out! So excited especially for HP because it comes out on my birthday!

Caitlin said...

Mallori - What a way to spend your birthday! I'm actually kind of jealous... ;-)

Rose said...

Hi! I'm Rose - found your blog hitting "next blog" on a board night. Your was interesting so I've been lurking. Anyways - I'm looking forward to HP. And even though its a winter movie - Breaking Dawn part 1. :o)

Regina said...

It seems like movies haven't been great lately. I wish I was in to Harry Potter. I read the first one and haven't seen any of the movies. But we will definitely be seeing Cars 2. I have a 3 year old who is excited about that one. :)

Regina said...

Oh- and I just have to say that I am totally offended that you would promote a rated R movie. Ha! Your disclaimer was hilarious.

Caitlin said...

Rose - Lurk away! I have a few blogs I lurk on too, but have always been afraid to leave a comment. Breaking Dawn should be good. Although I wonder how they are going to handle the whole pregnancy and birth thing. Should be interesting...

Regina - What?! You're not into HP? Oh, the shame. ;-) Really, HP isn't for everyone. At least you love Twilight!