Apr 18, 2011

The Perfect Man for Me

Last night as Jared and I were dishing up our plates for dinner, he made a remark that perfectly illustrates how well he knows me. Jared had grilled up some chicken, and I was standing at the counter cutting it up. Normal people cut up their food once they sit down, so I can see how my actions might look odd. So as I was standing there doing weird things, Jared says: "Oh, are you cutting up your meat so you can read?" I dropped my utensils and look at him in surprise. That statement was so. incredibly. right. I do get my plate all ready to go so that I don't have to think about it while I read. I've been doing that for years, long before I met him, and the fact that he noticed, shocked me. I don't know why, it's not like he's completely unobservant, it just seemed like such a small thing for someone else to pick up on.

It reminds me of a line in a movie called Shall We Dance? with Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon. Susan Sarandon's character was sitting in a bar answering the question of why do people get married. Her answer: so that we may have a witness to our lives. Jared is the witness to my life, even the small, mundane things such as getting my plate ready so that I can eat and read at the same time. Or on Saturday afternoon, with no prior conversation or comments about it, Jared perfectly answers the question I rush into the room to ask him, "Do you know what comes out today?!?" His answer: "Harry Potter?" Because of course, nothing gets me that excited like Harry Potter. He knows that. He gets me. He understands me.

Here is a clip of the line in the movie that I'm talking about.

Amen, sister. Amen.


Monty and Kristin said...

Super sweet. I give Jared two thumbs up because he gets you and be BBQ'd!! Great for you! Nothing like good BBQ. Add a good book and is there anything better.

Hope you enjoy Harry Potter. We are getting pretty into it because my boys are really into the books right now.
Anyway, your posts are always so great!!

Regina said...

Awww. I love this post! So sweet!

Lindsay Blain said...

Awww I love this & that is so sweet that he knows you!! It's so true though...just to have a witness. Sooo sweet.

Ryan and Maranda said...

I reeeeeeally liked this. Your story and the movie clip. How incredibly sweet.

Meggan said...

That is awesome! Incredibly sweet. Thanks for the good thought on marriage!

Steve and Alyssa said...

Umm I love Harry Potter. I get so excited about it too! Also, I have a Germantown library card. They don't have a TON of books either, but they have more than the Cordova library if you ever want to come with to check something out... you can search to see if they have a book on their website.