Apr 12, 2011

The Bib to End All Bibs

We recently started solid foods and the whole process has been.. messy. I love my girl, but she has zero spoon eating skills. The first few days were awful. I'm not entirely sure if any food actually made the arduous journey from spoon to stomach. Plus, I decided to start her out on peas (what was I thinking?!), which did not endear her to the whole eating semi-real food experience. We've since developed a technique where she sucks the food off the spoon like she would  bottle. I sincerely hope I'm not screwing up my kid.

As I said, we have no skills. I only have cloth bibs, which last for exactly half a feeding. I knew that I would quickly grow tired of washing them all the time, so I set myself a mission: find the ultimate bib.

And boy, did I.

It's like a space suit! NOTHING can get past this bib! The poor girl can't even move her arms.

Look mom, stop taking pictures and feed me already. I'm so obviously deprived of food that I have to resort to gnawing my thumb.

Why do kids always act like they've never eaten before?

Seriously. I'm about to scream.

Or smile, because you're making ridiculous faces at me.

There's my smiley girl. Hi. I love you.


Jalei & Lane said...

I'm definitely going to invest in some better bibs this time around. How is that one when you take it off? Does it get all over her?

Sarah and Alex said...

I remember it being a while before Kyle got the spoon thing down. I think the more the spoon goes in their mouth, the more they adjust to it and if you can almost pour it in then they get used to swallowing what's already in their mouth. It's a challenge, but keep trying!! I love your posts/pics! :)

Monty and Kristin said...

She is so cute!! I love it!!

Caitlin said...

Jalei - This bib doesn't get a single thing on her. It just velcros in the back, so you just undo it and pull it right off. Then wipe it off, and you're good to go for the next round!