Mar 28, 2011

6 Months

Wow, that picture sucks. I tried to be quick so that I wouldn't wake her up. Yikes. 

Yes, this is how she really sleeps. She has a bazillion and one blankets everywhere and she sleeps with her arms wide out. It's quite a system we've got going on here. And her binks is probably somewhere buried underneath her head. It doesn't sound comfortable to me, but it works for her somehow.

She  turned six months over the weekend, and we had her six month check up this morning. Our baby girl is growing! Here are her stats:

Weight: 15lbs (25%)
Height: (24in 10th%)

Her head circumference was 48in and some change, but I didn't get the percentile's on that. I was mostly excited about learning her weight today. I'm obsessed with how much she weighs. I guess every pound she puts on is one pound further away from her whole birth saga. I need to figure out a way to do it at home so that I don't have to get anxious about it in between check-ups.

A few things about this stage:

1. She is the least flexible baby I have ever seen. She can't play with her toes, b/c she can't bend enough to get to them! And you know how when you first try to sit a baby up, you spread their legs out super far to give them balance? Well, forget that with this child. Her legs just do not bend. I'm serious. We do "sitting up" practice and stretches everyday to work on it. A girl in my ward, who is a therapist of some sort, showed me a way to work on the flexibility without injuring her. Janae looks pretty silly, so I'll have to take a pic and post it.

2. She is is a pretty good sleeper. She goes down for bed at 7 and wakes up anywhere between 7 and 8am. There were a few days she woke up at 6 (agggh!) last week, but I try to just leave her in her crib until 7:30 when she does that. One day she went back to sleep, and one day she didn't,  which happened to be Sunday and she was a total monster in church. It was not a good day.

3. She is sill super stingy with her laughs. I can only get one really good giggle out of her a day. She smiles a lot, she just isn't a laugher I guess. I love it when she laughs, so I do all sorts of crazy stunts to get more than just the one giggle. It never works, but I will persevere!

4. She loves to eat, but we are still working on what to do when we eat with a spoon. I gave her a small crumb of a chocolate chip cookie yesterday, and she really seemed to love that. Go figure. But no dice on the rice cereal or oatmeal. We'll keep practicing.

5. She is finally in her age size for clothes! It's awesome. Except we have hardly an 6mo or 9mo clothes, so I've been hitting up the clearance racks to see what I can find. Apparently it gets so hot here in the summer that she won't be wearing anything more than onesies anyway. Everyone keeps telling me how miserable the summers here are. I'm starting to get worried about it!

6. Overall, we couldn't be happier with her progress. Her pediatrician is very pleased with how she's doing, and developmentally she is catching up. She might be small for her age, but I don't think she's that far behind anymore. What's going to be weird for me is when we have our next kid and everything that kid does is "normal". All of the stages will be different compared to Janae, so I wonder if it'll be like having a first kid all over again?

Anyway, she's one of my favoritest people to hang out with, and it's getting so much more fun now that she can interact and play. We're heading out to a local park/trail this afternoon to go for a walk. We love to get out of the house!


Jalei & Lane said...

That picture does not suck. She looks so peaceful! That's funny about the flexibility. Maybe she has trouble because she's short & her legs are long enough??

Regina said...

That picture is hilarious! Kelly slept will 800 blankets too! Even now, his bed has 4 pillows and 3 stuffed animals. And they all have a spot.

I love reading about her, she sounds like she is sleeping great at night! Good for you!!

Lindsay Blain said...

SOOOO cute!!! :)