Feb 9, 2011

Babe in Bath

I realize that this is the 1576th post containing pictures of Janae. But she's so dang cute, how can I resist? I do other things than take pics of my darling baby girl, like.. uhh... uhh... *scratches head*

Okay, we're moving on.

These are the token bath pictures, the first I've ever taken. Since Jared was here, I gave him bathing duties in order to free me up to take a picture or two. Or five. Same dif.

Why hello there, little tongue. Is that bath water tasty?

Yes, I know, I think Daddy is goofy too.

My next post is going to be something adult and very serious. I swear!


Ryan and Maranda said...

Nah, serious adult stuff is boring, more Janae, more Janae! ;)

Regina said...

She is so cute! And I love seeing pics of her!! Don't stop posting them!

The Rich's said...

you best be posting 1576 more posts with pics of my niece!!! I LOVE THEM!! you get to see her everyday..we don't...these are fantastic...i freakin' LOVE the first picture!!!! love it love it love it..she is so cute...