Jul 5, 2010

The Weekend


The weekend started off with Jared in Boise for a short business trip and me shopping for some maternity clothes. I literally only have a few shirts and one pair of maternity pants that fit me, and was tired of having to be super creative getting dressed every morning. I just hate the idea of spending money on maternity clothes when I'm only going to be wearing them for such a short time. After buying a few things though, it's SO nice to have clothes that fit! I went to Motherhood Maternity in the mall and it was a great store! I thought they had some really cute clothes. I couldn't stomach the idea of paying more than ten bucks for a shirt though, so I just bought a couple of shirts and a pair of jean capris. Love everything I've bought! They had one of those belly things you could put on under your clothes that adds a trimester, and holy cow! I am going to be super huge if that belly thing is anything to go by. But at least the few shirts I bought will cover the insanely large belly bump.


Jared came home around 10am and went right to bed. Poor guy. He spent a total of ten hours in the car for a two hour visit. He slept for most of the morning, and I left him to go see this:

It was SO good! I thought that for the most part it followed along pretty well with the book and they didn't add anything too crazy to it. The acting and effects were so much better in this movie than Twilight definitely, and even New Moon a little bit. There were a few times where I actually laughed out loud. I loved how we were able to get a better insight into Rosalie and Jasper's previous lives. I know we get that in the book, but it was nice that they included that in the movie. I just thought it was really well done, even though I wanted to strangle Bella in some parts of the movie. I felt that way in the book as well, and I thought it was incredible that the director could take my same feelings from reading the book and make me feel the same way in the movie. Overall, really impressed and couldn't be more happy with it!

Later that day we got together over at my SIL's house for the UFC fight and some bbq. The guys mostly watched the fight while us gals talked around the firepit outside. This was AFTER all the kids were put to bed. It was a mad house at first when all of the kids were there and awake! I looked over at Jared and he had this deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. I'm not sure if he was just amazed at how loud kids can get, or if he was rethinking the whole kid thing. Either way, it was pretty funny to watch him. We went home at about 11pm and both of us just crashed. We are so not the kind of people that can stay up late anymore! Pretty much 11 is our limit.


We had a pretty low key day at church. We stood up for the closing hymn in sacrament meeting and sang The Star Spangled Banner and I pretty much balled my way through the song. And I'm not talking just a few tears, I'm talking out right sobbing. Jared was looking at me like I was a crazy person (which I am) and kept asking what was wrong. I really have strong feelings about that song, our country, the military.. everything. I was thinking a lot about sacrifice yesterday and for some reason it made me really emotional. Not that that is too hard these days, but Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I've always loved it but now that I feel like I've actually given back to this great country, I feel the patriotism more keenly. Last night as we were laying in bed Jared told me that it was kind of a hard day for him, with missing being in the military and all. I told him that I miss it too, but still feel like it was the right thing for him to get out. I miss feeling like I'm a part of something great. The military is like one big family and it's sometimes hard not to be a part of that anymore. Now we're just regular ol' patriots. ;-)

That night we went over to my mom's for dinner. My little brother really wanted to get together, so we all met over there and ate some burgers and chocolate cake. Delicious! We had fun sitting around and talking.


I have the day off of work and Jared doesn't, so I'm probably going to tackle organizing my desk. It's looking pretty scary! I'll probably put on a movie or something and get it all cleaned up. I scraped up the Tahoe pretty bad this morning by running into a pole, and am feeling pretty bad about it. All of the damage that has been done to that car has been by me, and I hate, absolutely hate calling Jared and telling him things like that. This one isn't a little scratch either, it's pretty big. *sighs* Oh well, I guess. Maybe I'll make Jared a really good dinner or something. Oh! Or maybe a trifle. Butter him up so he's not so mad at me. Wish me luck!


Amy said...

I've done things like that before! (the car, I mean) Good luck telling Jared!

And I know what you mean about hating to spend money on maternity clothes, but you really will appreciate it at the end when you really can't get creative because nothing fits!

Jalei & Lane said...

I get the same way about the 4th of July too. Everytime we sing a patriotic song or even at a prade when the military or flags go by I always get choked up. I didn't know Jared got out of the military.

Dan & Nicole Saldivar said...

I never read the Twilight series but have seen the first two movies and Dan and I went to Eclipse this past weekend and absolutely LOVED it!! I'm glad to hear that it was pretty true to the book although, I think I need to read them all now.