Jun 25, 2010

Visions in Pink

Today was THE day. The day we find out what we're having.

We arrived at the appt giddy with excitment, certain we already knew what the doctor was going to tell us. Our only worry was that the baby wouldn't cooperate and we'd have to wait 'til our next appointment.

Despite how much our child was moving around, she cooperated beautifully. My doctor got two really good shots of the crotch area. He said that if this baby was a boy there would be something hanging there, and there was obviously nothing. So, by our excellent powers of deduction, on Nov 26 the newest addition to the Jared Todd Peterson family will be:

A baby girl!!!

Really, we're quite shocked. We were convinced it was a boy. There wasn't a single thing that anyone could say to make us think otherwise. When the doctor said "You're having a girl!" I don't think you could have found two more speechless people on the planet. I swear both of our jaws were hanging to the floor and we were looking at the doctor like he just spoke gibberish.

I am going to have a daughter. I will be a mother to a little girl. I ... cannot ... believe it. The shock has worn down mostly since my appointment this morning, but I'm having to readjust everything.

Besides my unpreparedness for this child to be a girl, I am super excited and can't wait for her to arrive. I made Jared go with me to Old Navy tonight so we could look at little girl clothes so I could get in the little girl zone. One the way back to work after my appointment, I thought to myself how cool it would be to have a little girl who looks just like me. She would also be cute if she looked like her dad (or rather, her aunt Alicia as Alicia is pretty much the female version of Jared. I swear they were meant to be twins!). I know she is going to be a total daddy's girl. Jared doesn't believe me cause he refuses to listen to any more of my predictions regarding our little girl. Ah, well. Can't blame the guy!

It's so weird to say it.. I'm having a baby girl!!

P.S. We have zero names picked out. We will gladly take all suggestions, cause we're drawing huge blanks!


Kinzie Sue said...

CONGRATS!! Now it's time to start thinking (and buying) pink! Have fun!!

Jalei & Lane said...

YEA! I was the EXACT same way when I found out I was having a girl. I was so sure it would be a boy that I had already registered for boy things. Oh well things worked out & I couldn't imagine a better outcome. You are going to LOVE a little girl!

Monty and Kristin said...

I knew it was a girl. How? Because everyone has girls but us!;) No, in all honesty I am so excited for you. I can't wait to hear what you decide to name her. I'm so glad she cooperated with you guys. I'm so excited to watch this whole process. She's going to be beautiful and loved!

K+B said...

OH, happiness!! I'm so excited addie will have a little buddy. I'm so happy you guys are excited. I'm STILL shocked!
We always loved the name peyton... just sayin'.

PS, we still need to finish mother.

Michelle said...

YAY....a girl!!! So excited for you guys. Girls are so fun just get ready for pink overload, tea parties and princess dress up! :) And Jared better get 3 jobs to keep up with the latest fashion since I'm sure she will be a diva like the rest of the littl eladies in the family! :) Really, so happy for you!!!

Ok, so here are my girl names that I wuould use again just for fun... Gracie, Sophie, Camee, and Chloe is always good. Really, now that I'm trying to rmember the names I can't...LOL.

Amy said...

Congrats! Little girls are so sweet!

Samantha said...

Congrats! Girls really are a lot of fun. Just get ready for the drama. The names we liked are Kloee, Paisley, Presley, Brecklynn, and Cambree.

Veronica Peterson said...

Oh Greg and I are so excited for you both. I knew baby pete was going to be a girl:) There are lots of cute girl names.

Veronica Peterson said...

Oh Greg and I are so excited for you both. I knew baby pete was going to be a girl:) There are lots of cute girl names.

Barbara said...

Congratulations! Everybody needs a girl, and you're getting one! We're surprised, too, because we assumed it would be a boy. You'll come up with a beautiful name.

Joyce F. said...

Caitlin and Jared, I'd suggest the name Amelia.

I love your choice of fabrics for her room!