Jun 9, 2010

Missing Audj

My sister recently sent another picture, and every time I get into my e-mail account I pull it up and look at it for a few minutes. I never knew how much I would miss her when she left for Brazil. I miss being able to call her and share a funny story about someone we both know, or tell her about a crazy thing that happened to me. I miss hearing her dramatic stories that she embellishes to no end and makes everyone laugh.

There is something in the bond of sisters. We grew up sharing a room, sleeping less than 10ft from eachother. We both are avid readers, and we'd spend Saturday mornings each on our bed reading whatever caught our fancy that day. Usually I was reading romance novels and she would be reading some classic or another. She knows me. She gets me. There are very few people who know me as well as she does, and I miss having that access to one of my very best friends.

She's decided to call me "Big Mama" during this whole pregnancy, and now addresses her e-mails to me that way. She also calls the baby "the creature" (followed by an evil laugh), which is typical Audrey. She's pretty dang excited for this baby, which will arrive a few days before she gets home. She's already decided that she first person she is going to hug and kiss is the baby, and I almost wonder if she could care less if any of the rest of us are at the airport as long as the baby is there! I'm trying to tell her it's okay for the baby to wait in line, and maybe hugging mom first would be better. Keyword "trying".

Here's her latest picture:

This is her with her mission president and his wife, who are shortly being released and she will be getting a new mission president and spouse. She looks good, huh? I can't believe how long her hair is. I have to say, I like getting these kind of pictures better than pics of detatched cow heads sitting in wheel barrows.


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The JAMC Johnsons said...

I totally understand about the bond of sisters. My sister is my best friend, too! I laughed to hear that she wants to kiss the baby first!