Apr 26, 2010

My Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Friday Night

I felt fantastic all day at work on Friday. No hint of an uspet stomach and it felt so good to not be nauseous for a little while. Jared and I went out for a quick lunch with one of his mission buddies that was in town, and the food was excellent! Gotta love Zuppa's. Then I finished out my afternoon at work and headed home, excited to be free for the weekend. That's when it all went down hill.

Around 5:30 I started cramping really bad. I've been lightly cramping this whole time, which is normal I guess for the first trimester, so I just laid down on the couch and tried to wait it out. Unfortuanately, it got worse. I was in so much pain that I threw up, and every time I moved I felt like I was going to pass out. I wasn't bleeding, so I knew it wasn't a major thing, but I was still worried nontheless. I finally decided to call the on-call pager to find out if everything was all right, or if I should head to the ER to get things checked out. By the time she was able to call me back, it was 11:30pm. I'd thrown up two, very painful times and was completely exhausted. Not to mention the cramping was still going pretty strong. She said the cramping could be caused by several different things, but if I was really worried about it I should go in and make sure everything was all right. Jared was working late that night, so I called my mom and she came and picked me up and took me over there.

My mom is such a trooper. I knew that the motion of the car ride was going to push me over the edge and make me throw up again, so I brought some grocery bags just in case. Sure enough... there I am, on the way to the ER puking my guts out in the front seat of my mom's car. It was definitely a low point in my life. I'm pretty sure she should get the Mother of the Year award just for sitting through that whole ordeal. And really, do you think anyone other than a mother could sit there calmly while their adult daughter is tossing her cookies for all she's worth? Probably not. Sometimes, even as an adult, you just need your mom.

We arrived at the ER without any further incident, was checked in quickly and I was immediately hooked up to an IV to get some fluids in me and so they could give me some morphine and a shot of Zofran (sp?) for the nauseousness. Which, by the way, is the coolest drug ever invented in the whole world. I was finally able to relax, and was really feelin' good while we waited for the ultrasound tech to show up. She wheeled me in there and got me all set up, and it was SUCH a relief to see the baby and hear his heartbeat. I think that right there made the whole ER experience worth it. And it was really cool because the baby actually looked like a baby this time. As opposed to my first ultrasound where it was just this little blip on the screen. She did all the measurements while she had me on the table, and apparently I'm not as far along as I thought. I was a week and a half ahead of myself, and am really only nine weeks along. I'm not entirely sure how that's possible, but I'm just going to go with it. She gave me a due date of Nov 26., so this baby really will be a Thanksgiving baby.

So. Good news is, Baby Pete is just fine. Semi-bad news is that they found a cyst on my right ovary. They couldn't find any evidence of it bursting, but all the symptoms that I was having said that it perhaps bursted a little bit, but the amount of fluid was not enough to be caught on the ultrasound. At least I know. If that should ever happen again, I know to just pop some pain relievers and wait it out. Jared arrived at the hospital around 1:30 or 2, and we were released at 3am. My mom stayed the whole time, even though she had to be to work the next morning. See what I mean? Mother of the Year Award for sure!

Saturday and Sunday I spent recovering. I also think I came down with a little bit of the flu because I was all achy and had a slight fever. I spent most of the two days on the couch or in my bed sleeping. I dropped Jared off at the airport yesterday morning, and he's now in Wisconsin. Poor guy. He was so stressed that he was stuck at work while I was going through my exciting ER adventure. He came right after the ultrasound too, so he didn't get to see the baby. Bummer.

Anyway, after my weekend of sleeping and resting, I'm back to my normal nauseous self. I don't want to be one of those pregnant women or moms that rushes to the doctor's office at every little thing, but I'm glad I went and now know what's going on.

I'm beginning to think that this pregnancy may not be as easy as I originally thought it was going to be. Oh well. It's totally worth it in the end when my kid arrives and I get to enjoy being a mom for the first time. Just that blessing alone makes all this drama and feeling like crap worth it.

Can't wait for my Thanksgiving baby!


Jalei & Lane said...

I'm so glad to hear there's nothing to worry about & the baby is doing well. There's definitely ups & downs in every pregnancy & unfortunately you're experiencing your downs early on. It will get better!

K+B said...

I'm so glad you're okay.Please let me know if I can do anything.

Veronica Peterson said...

Oh wow scary night. I'm glad everything is okay with baby. Take care girl.

Marci said...

What a great mom! Glad that you and the baby are both okay. Being responsible for someone else's life is a little scary. Keep smiling and it WILL all be worth it!

Nicole said...

WOW, you gave me a scare for a minute. Glad that everything is okay!!! I don't think I would have stayed as calm as it sounds that you did!!

The Rich's said...

how is it possible that i didn't know about this!?!? hope you know i'd love to fill in anytime your sweet mom is not available. please let me know if you need ANYTHING! Glad everything is okay..thank goodness for good medicine :) loves!

Monty and Kristin said...

wow, this post had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it! First off I'm so glad the baby is okay. Second, I'm glad you went to the hospital to get an ultrasound. third, glad you have an awesome mom. I agree, sometimes we just need our moms. 4th, glad your doing better. love ya.