Apr 16, 2010


I tried to think of a cute way to announce this on the blog, but I'm just too excited. In my usual fashion when something big is happening:


Oh my gosh, I've been dying to get that out. We told the last family member who didn't know last night, so I feel that it's okay now to tell everyone. Here are the details:

March 17th - I was working at B&N that night, and was not feeling good that whole night. I came home, sat on the couch and told Jared that either I was pregnant or something else was wrong because things just didn't feel... normal. He got his shoes on and rushed out to the store to buy three different pregnancy tests. I took one when he got home, and it was immediately positive.

It was actually kind of a shock, really. We weren't doing anything to prevent getting pregnant but we were both convinced that it was going to take some fertility treatments to get that way. So we'd decided to just take it easy for awile, get our finances a little bit more in order and then we were going to head to the doctor and find out what the next step was. Hah! That same month I got pregnant. The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways!

April 1 - We had our first doctor's appointment. I love, love, LOVE my doctor. He's fantastic! I had a papsmear (yuck), but he also did a vaginal ultrasound and we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat. Wow. That was such an amazing experience. It didn't really feel real until we heard our child's heartbeat coming through the monitor. Jared's eyes were glued to the screen and I'm so glad that he was able to be there. I asked the doctor if he had a ballpark date as to when the baby is going to be due. He said Nov 24, but I think that's too late. I counted it out on the calendar, and 40 weeks is the second week in November. So, I'm going to say Nov 16 since it's kind of the in the middle. Hopefully I'll have a firmer date at my next appt!

April 2 - We told my mom. My grandparents were in town, and we thought it would be cool to do them all together, since this is their first great grandchild. My mom was STOKED! To announce it, I went to Roberts and bought a cute frame that said "baby" on it and put a picture of the ultrasound in it. At first she didn't get it, but then she actually looked at it and then... well, I'm sure you can imagine.

Jared's family was a little bit more difficult. His mom, brother and sister are up here this week so we can drive them up to Rexburg on Saturday. We wanted to tell them in person, so we were even more ansy for them to get up here. Jared was having a mini mid-life crisis right after we found out, so I told him to call his dad and get some reassurance that everything was going to be okay. So his dad found out just a few days after we did. Then at bunco last week, my SIL Alicia found out by accident. I was having an insane hot flash while we were playing, and Alicia asked me if I was on hormones or something (thinking maybe I'd already started fertility treatments) and I said no, then another girl at the table asked if I was pregnant, and I had this split second where I had this look on my face like "Oh crap, how do I get out of this?!" and apparently it was enough for them to realize that yes, I was pregnant. I felt so bad that Alicia found out at the same time as the rest of the bunco group, but what can I say? I'm a terrible liar.

When Alicia dropped me off, she came in to give Jared a hug, and we found out that he had already told Craig (Alicia's husband) a few days ago when they went to the Priesthood session together! What a turkey. So now we thought everyone in the family knew except for the three that were coming into town that next week.


My FIL told Jessie and Cory before they came up. So really, the only person in the family that didn't know was my MIL. We told her last night and she was so excited. This will be their second grandkid, and they can't be more excited to have another baby in the family.

So, that's everything I think. I'm about 9 and 1/2 weeks along, and my baby is due in November. AGGHH!! I can't wait. For the most part, I'm not that sick. I haven't thrown up once, but I am nauseous a lot. It's like an intense case of motion sickness. But I figured out that if I eat every two hours, that goes away. My next appt is April 30th. My doctor said in my last appt that he can usually tell at 16 weeks what the sex is, so if the baby cooperates, we'll know at the end of May! Crazy.

Congrats to us!! And as my MIL said last night.. "It's about time!""


The JAMC Johnsons said...

Yay! What exciting news! Congratulations! Isn't it crazy that when you say, "Oh, well...let's just hold off and get things in order..." you THEN get pregnant? hahaha Seriously, though, awesome news. : )

Dan and Nicole said...

I'm so excited for you guys!!!! I already commented on your fb status but I'm really so happy for you both. I know you've been trying for a while now! Keep us posted on how it goes and of course when you find out the sex.

K+B said...

:D !!

Regina said...

Yay!!!! Congrats!! I totally knew from your cryptic message on your book blog. :) Couldn't be happier for you!!

It was the same way for us, thinking we might have to do hormones or something and then one day after 'trying' on and off for 3 years, it happened!!! And it couldn't have been better timing. I am sure you will find it is the same for you!

Hope you have a happy, healthy, long pregnancy!!!

David said...

Congrats!!!! November 16th is My Birthday. Your baby is destined for great things with a coincidence like that. And you have to name him David if he is born on the 16th.

Jalei & Lane said...

Awesome news! I'm so happy for you guys! November is a great month to be born in:) And why is it that parents can never understand when you're trying to announce that you're pregnant?!

Pierce and Stacy said...

Yay! Congrats!!! That is so very exciting. :) How long have y'all been married? I feel as though my family is ready and waiting for our news of a little one... but it's just not that time yet. I'm so happy that it worked out.

Chelsie Brady said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! You will be a fabulous mommy. It's the best thing in the world. Do you have names picked out? Congrats!

Kinzie Sue said...

I must be busy if my hubs was the one who told me the news! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! What an amazing miracle and blessing it is to have a little life growing and forming inside of you! I hope all goes well and we can't wait to find out what you're having! (btw, you don't really have to name him/her David... especially if it's a girl!) HUGS!

Kenna said...

Oh YAY!!! Congrats! That is super exciting. Best of luck with the pregnancy and hopefully you can by-pass the morning sickness.
You will be a great mommy, I picture your kids coming home from school and you in your little apron, baking cookies for them and their friends.

Andy and Nikki said...

That is so awesome we are so happy for you guys!

Marci said...

Congrats to you both! You will be great parents!

Monty and Kristin said...

So excited for you guys! Monty told me this morning and I swear it made me week! This is such awesome news. I can't wait to see you in some pictures and if I can just say you'll be such awesome parents! If you have a girl I might be a little jealous, but that will just mean I have to buy you a cute dress for her!:) Excited!! CONGRATS!!