Oct 19, 2009

My Beloved

Tahoe, that is. I love my hubby, but this post is all about the greatness of my vehicle. I absolutely love my Tahoe:

Here's why:

1. It's super comfortable.
2. It's huge, so I can sit up high and see out over all the cars. Except when I'm behind a semi. But then I don't feel so much like a small bug that will get squished to smithereens.
3. It has 4-wheel drive. When I have to drive in a blizzard, I just pop that on and can go anywhere I want to.
5. The air conditioning is amazing.
6. It has leather seats. No matter what I spill, I just wipe it clean and Jared will never know.
7. It also has seated seats. My bum stays quite warm, even while driving through a blizzard.
8. It makes me feel rich driving around in it. I put on some super big sunglasses and pretend to talk in my cell phone like I'm somebody important. That way when other people see me they think "wow! she's so put together". When in reality, I'm broke and only get phone calls from Jared.
9. The biggest reason of all... IT IS FINALLY PAID OFF!!!! That's right folks, we are now the proud real owners of this beautiful vehicle pictured above. We made our last payment today, and the title will hopefully arrive sometime next week. We went out for sushi to celebrate no more car payments for awhile!

Yay for us! *pats herself on the back*


AC6DG said...

Good for you guys. It will run better now it's paid for.

The JAMC Johnsons said...

Awesome! I'm jealous...we still have awhile on our car!

Michelle said...

Yeah, I love our twin cars too!! LOL Well wish mine were 4wd though!! Congrats on one less payment!! :)

Dan and Nicole said...

What a great feeling it is, huh?! Congrats.

Regina said...

Awesome! What a great feeling!

Penni said...

Congrats!! I can't wait to have both of ours paid off!!

Pierce and Stacy said...

That's so nice!!! Good for y'all. And YES! Tell me what you think about the book. We should be book buddies. I'm always looking around for great books to read.

Jalei & Lane said...

No car payments are the best!