Sep 18, 2009

The Whole Clan

While we were recently in TX for Cory’s homecoming, we scheduled a time to do professional family photos. The last ones that had been taking were before I married Jared and before B was born. Needless to say.. they needed to be updated.

I think they turned out GREAT! Everyone must have been having a good hair day or something. And B was even smiling in the family photo. Let me tell you.. it is hard work to get a baby to smile. Jared and I tried when Craig and Alicia were taking their individual family photos. Mostly she looked at us like we were idiots. But we’ll love her anyway. ;-)

Here they are:





Love it!


Jalei & Lane said...

Great pictures!

Pierce and Stacy said...

I love your blog and the top part. How did you do that with the links?

Penni said...

Love the pictures!!

Michelle said...

Love them!! You all look great!!!

Kinzie Sue said...

Those pictures are so much fun! I love the siblings hug one- represents your playful family so well!!

The Rich's said...

AWw..i LOVE these pics and i'm so glad we FINALLY have family pictures with YOU in them!! so love the pic of the two of you..i have to take credit since i picked it out! hahaha!! Thanks for 'em!

Veronica Peterson said...

WOW awesome family pics!