Aug 25, 2009

Getting to Know THE MAN

Well, at least the man of this house.

Thank you all for your congrats and well wishes! We appreciate everyone who is rootin' for us. It's hard enough to live this life, we can't imagine how lonely it would be without friends and family to support us. I did want to clarify that the job is in Salt Lake City, so we will be here for a bit longer. Surprisingly, we're okay with this. We're moving into a new apartment next month and that will help a ton towards lessening our animosity towards this state (although Texas still is and always will be the best!).

Yesterday was Jared's birthday. He turned the big 29! In his honor, I thought I'd do a post about him. Since I'm the main writer on our blog, it's easy for everyone to get to know me. Jared is the most important part of my life, and I think he's pretty dang special. Hopefully after this post you'll think so too ;-).

All righty, let's begin with his hobbies:

Look at those arms. Give me a moment while I pick up my jaw from the floor...

He's passionate about guns. Not in a crazy-psycho way, but in a I'm-going-to-protect-my-family-way. He's an excellent shot (you can check with the army on that one). One of our favorite activities is to load up the guns and go out to the desert and shoot the tar out of everything. Can we say stress relief?

Followed closely by shooting/guns is his love of engines. He's a total grease monkey. This is not an uncommon site after spending a day in the shop. He can pretty much do anything with an engine from rebuilding it completely, to minor belt repairs. We save a fortune on car repairs because he is so willing to do them himself. He's so anxious for the day when he can have his very own shop with all of his tools in one place. Someday babe, someday.

Some of his other hobbies include watching movies, cruising, shopping and most recently golfing.

The other big part of his life is the military:

He has been a member of the Utah National Guard for the last seven years. Right after we got married (and I'm talking right after), he was deployed for a whole long year. It was a rough deployment, simply because of his leadership and the nature of the mission. And, if we're keepin' it real, his not so great wife during the first three months (serious, I was awful. Not a stellar example of the perfect Army wife). He loves being a soldier and is very patriotic (AND he looks good in his uniform). He loves to hang with his battle buddies and talk shop. We've made some life long friends among said battle buddies.

Here are some random tidbits I love about him:

1. He is the hardest working person I know. He does his absolute best at everything he does, and he doesn't quit until the job is finished.

2. He hates it when drawers or cupboard doors are left open. I try my hardest but I will inevitably leave something open and then I hear about it. All day.

3. He does not believe in fat pants. He will wear his regular clothes all day/night and is perfectly comfortable in them. I don't get it. How can you not love fat pants?

4. He is super clean. Almost to the point of OCD clean (I think he gets that from his *coughs* dad *coughs*). But the great thing is.. he is willing to clean! I have my one area where he's not allowed to touch and I can keep it as messy as I want, but for the most part he cleans the house (does that make me a bad wife? When he starts working full time I'll pick it back up again, I promise).

5. He likes thick blankets. Even in the summer when it's boiling hot in our apartment, he'll have a thick blanket on. So during the summer we share a bed but not a blanket, as I don't feel the same way

6. When he reads, he reads self help/finance books. Those are his favorite. He is always looking for ways to do things better or improve himself/ourselves.

7. When I suggest something and he says "we'll pray about it" that means NO. Not only a no, but a BIG FAT NO.

8. He served an LDS mission for two years in England. After he got home, he and his immediate family went over there for a visit. Hopefully someday we'll do the same, except I want to go to London and his response is "we'll pray about it".

9. He thinks I'm crazy sometimes. Especially when I'm reading a good book or watching SYTYCD. Then he just shakes his head at me and smiles. I would love to know what he's actually thinking but I'm afraid to ask.

10. He is... amazing and the love of my life. I'm so lucky!


Michelle said...

I love this post!!!

I remember when I first met him. He took us shooting and I was the most comfotable with him teaching me about the BIG guns. :)He does love them. I can see that him and Dustin are related with #6, those are the same kind of book Dustin reads. As for # 2 the hubby leaves them open and drives me nuts. :) Thanks for the post!! :)

Regina said...

Cute post! You are both lucky!

Monty and Kristin said...

This was such a fun post to read! I learned a few things about Jared. All I know is he's a great guy and I'm glad to call him my cousin. I think you two are cute together and I'm glad you appreciate one another. Hope he had a fun birthday! I can't believe he's 29...I didn't realize I was only a year apart from him. Anyway...thanks for the post. It made me laugh.

Kelley Hauck said...

Ryan doesn't believe in Fat pants either. Mason has taken after him, he wakes up and immediately gets dressed. I can wear jammies the whole day (at least until Ryan gets home). Fun blog. Hope to meet him some day!!!

Dan and Nicole said...

What a great tribute to your husband. I love it, it made me get to know you both a little more. PS- are you still in our ward? (the st ward)I'm in primary so I never see anyone. Just curious!

Jared and Caitlin said...

Nicole - Yes we are. Until next month anyway. We just hardly ever come! Family events, out of town and such. And some sundays we just don't quite make it out of our fat pants and into church clothes. *sighs*

Dan and Nicole said... just made my day! I understand all those reasons!

melissa-brad said...

your man sounds like a champion! and i loved the arms comment.

k, but about the yolk, sometimes i feel like that, but just think of it as taking the "fat off of the chicken". the yolk is the majority of it and the healthiest part, so think that your buying the yolk. BUT there are little containers that you can buy at the grocery store that have only egg yolk, but me and brad bought them once and it was nast. we preferred just taking the yolk out.
but hey, you might like the boxed egg yolk, give it a try and see what you think:)

hopefully that helped you out girlie! thanks for the question